Nicholas Teo – Prince

Nicholas Teo - Prince
YesAsia – Nicholas Teo – Prince

He made the song Huang Hun famous in Malaysia after he won Astro talent search contest singing this song. He’s also known as Smiling Prince (hence the title “Prince” of the album?) because he has big mouth and straight teeth :p He’s pictured smiling a LOT except for this cover.

Some people complain that he doesn’t have the vocal range to go for powerful songs. His fans beg to differ – his trademark is slow and easy listening songs.

  1. 游戏 You Xi (Game)
    5/5 starts off like on the way to somewhere in a video game. Quite addictive
  2. 错了再错 Cuo Le Zai Cuo (Mistake)
    4/5 slow and sad ballad like his 1st album’s trademark ballad (duh, mistake ma)
  3. 王子 Wang Zi (Prince)
    4/5 somehow this starting (music part) reminds me of #2’s style. There’s a pop-rock in the chorus. Oh, that’s where they called it “rap”. It didn’t feel like real rap.
  4. 幸福的理由 Xing Fu De Li You (Happiness)
    2/5 80’s feel! Easy listening but I feel it’s a bit ah beng
  5. 如果 Ru Guo (Perhaps)
    4/5 slow and sad ballad. Even sadder than #2 especially when he drags the end note… it has more feeling – really more feeeeeeeeeling – than other sad love songs in this album.
  6. 陌路 Mo Lu (Strange)
    3/5 slow and a bit sad ballad. I like the chorus and bridge part only.
  7. Super Idol
    3/5 fast, upbeat – something different from his signature.
  8. 其实幸福很简单 Qi Shi Xing Fu Hen Jian Dan (Simple Love)
    1/5 slow and feels like a Disney animated soundtrack. Totally not memorable.
  9. 相信 Xiang Xin (Believe)
    1/5 another sad love song
  10. 晚安,宝贝 Wan An, Bao Bei (Goodnight, Darling)
    3/5 easy listening but nothing to shout about
  11. 北极星的眼泪 Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei (Tears Of Polaris) (Bonus Track)
    4/5 more passionate (but not as touching as #5 如果) than other sad love songs in this album but then this song is for Smiling Pasta, a Taiwan tv drama series starring Cyndi Wang too.

If you like slow love songs or are Nicholas Teo’s fan, then this is for you. If you want variety in an album, just get the singles.
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