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While waiting for RapidKL bus

I had appointment and knowing how ‘fast’ RapidKL could be, I waited for bus in front of Metro Prima at 2pm +. Like usual, I sat at the bus station which was barely shaded. Several people sat and stood behind, shaded by trees.

Then 2 old ladies sat next to me and asked me, “Where are you going?”

I told them and they asked me, “What bus number?”

“I’m not sure.. I look at the names. They had changed numbers already.”

“83 I think,” 1 of them said. The other said, “86 ah.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Last time the bus go to The Curve. Now it goes to The Curve, then 1U.”

“1U? Bandar Utama is it?”

“Yes. Where are you two going?”

“There also. Eh, here very hot la, we stand behind la,” 1 of the aunties suggested. They left the bus station and stood under the shaded trees.

I stayed put. Lazy butt. Easier to see the destination on buses.

Then an uncle plonked beside me and asked some questions in Mandarin.

I had no idea what he said. Maybe it was “What bus are you taking?”

I replied in Mandarin, “Wo bu ke yi ting hua yu.” (I cannot understand/hear Mandarin)

Bu ke yi ting, ke yi jiang?” (Cannot understand/hear, can speak?)

I shook my head. I know. Like I was lying. I wasn’t! I only know basic – super basic Mandarin. Chimmy called me “Banana” once. He’s only a bit better than me, that “Banana”!

Then that uncle asked, “Canton ah?”

I grunted the answer. I turned back to the road, squinting and glaring at the traffic. When was my bus coming?! I had appointment!

He got a call and answered the phone. I took the opportunity to sit further away from him haha. Then he took out a cigarette. That was it. I wanted to tell him NO SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES but I got up and stood under the trees instead. Immediately I felt cooler! :)

Then the 2 aunties came over and joined me. Another aunt was sitting on a rock, holding an umbrella. The 3 of us complained, “Where is the bus?”

The aunts asked the sitting aunt, “What bus are you waiting for?”

I smiled.

“Go to Bandar Utama.”

“Ahh.. same as us also!”

Sitting aunt said, “I’ve been here since 2pm.”

By 3.30pm, we were still waiting there.

1 of the standing aunts went into the mall and the other chatted with me, “What are you doing? Studying?”

“Looking for job hehe.”

“Oh what did you study? IT?”

So I have a Mandarin speaking and IT look?

“Yeah, computer.”

“Computer is easy to find jobs. My daughter studied computer. I told her not good. Do programming not good. Sit there only. Some of my friends get hard fingers from typing whole day. I told her to study music better. She got piano and keyboard cert already. Don’t want!” She waved her hand in rejection.

That hard fingers are part of RSI (Repeat Repetitive Stress/Strain Injury).

“My other daughter is also very smart. 26 year old and already an accountant! Now I told her to study marketing but she didn’t want to. Now she wants to study marketing.”

“Then my son – study at private school and very smart. His class is full of verrrrrrrry smart kids. He’s very handsome -”

I laughed.

“Eh, true one ah – fat and handsome – he’s very good looking one ah but don’t know why he got very thin already studying at private school. So I sent him to government school. That time, when he finished Form 6, he went into the University in-” she put her fingers on her forehead, thinking hard.

“In Serdang!”

“UPM,” I offered.

“Yes, UPM. That time, only 1-2 Malays. Now all Malays. No more standard.”

What kind of mother would boast about her children to stranger? A proud and confident one? Such outgoing mother certainly makes her children braver, me think. :) But if I knew my mom had blabbered these to a stranger, I’d be embarassed.

The aunt came back with 2 mineral water bottles and shared some with the sitting aunt.

Then a 88 bus zoomed by! I saw “The Curve” and “Kota Damansara”! We waved at the bus but it had already passed our station without stopping! WTH!

“Why didn’t it stop?! It always stops here. For a long time!” 1 of the aunt said.

Fed up, I left the bus station at 3.50pm. My appointment was at 4pm.

ROUTE NO ORIGIN DESTINATION 5.30am – 6am 6am – 9am 9am – 4pm 4pm – 8 pm

Schedule from RapidKL Area 6 bus frequency

I thought I saw U86 on the opposite road as I was walking home. It was empty. Really disappointed with RapidKL Metro Prima – Bandar Utama. 30 minutes became more than Freaking 2 hours!

3 thoughts on “While waiting for RapidKL bus

  1. wah liow! if me after half hour i cabut already… you should complain to the rapidkl company or stg… not that they’ll even bother to reply you… and i always get that reply like yours when i say in mandarin that i can’t speak mandarin. if ppl say can’t speak don’t tell me just say for fun right! of course really can’t speak that’s why say… sam pat!


  2. I seem to develop a lot of patience (or stupidity) lately. I sent an email to RapidKL. No reply yet.

    I’m going to learn a few more words for “I only know how to say that because so many people like you ask me that question.” :p


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