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Bleach 109 Renji & Ichigo argue

Love to watch these 2 stubborn guys Abarai Renji (redhead) and Ichigo (orange) argue. LOL

Bleach 109 Renji & Ichigo argue
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Bleach 109 [full, English sub]

Spoiler Bleach 108-109 [Ctrl+A]

Can’t believe Kariya actually died! I knew he was using other Bounto but to kill himself? Why didn’t Ishida just shoot Kariya on the gathered power from Ran-Tao? Instead he aimed for the sky. I didn’t like his father but he was right – Ishida was stupid. Aiiyo.

If the blows could destroy Seireitei why didn’t other Captains (who didn’t have any fight with Bounto earlier) fight with Kariya? All the other Bounto had died anyway.

How could the blow not cause any harm to Ichigo, Kariya and others in the area?

There’s Bleach movie coming out in Dec 2007! It’s actually the 2nd movie – The DiamondDust Rebellion. The 1st was Bleach: Memories of Nobody. Hope it shows in local cinemas..

Found a blog with screenshots + review of Bleach episodes – Novastorm yeay!

Songs in Bleach

Oh yeah, local tv3 doesn’t show the Shinigami Cup at the end. It should! They are funny most of the times!

Interview questions

From Stupid interview questions by Mr Angry, 2 comments provided links to:

What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that interviewee performance is not at all related to job performance, unless the job for which you’re hiring is an actor. That’s what being a successful interviewee is all about: acting. But even the acting is tough, since you have to figure out as you go along what part you’re supposed to be playing. You might start out thinking that you’re playing a confident, well-informed manager type person, and then you realize after a few minutes that this particular interviewer wants you to be a yes-man flatterer. If you’re good as an interviewee, you adapt on the spot, just like a chameleon. Good interviewees are hired not because they’ll be good at the job, but because they figure out how to push the right buttons for the interviewer. That’s too bad.

– For a view from the other side of the interviewer’s desk – MakingITclearInterview Performance Doesn’t Equate to Job Performance by Harwell

What makes you think you are a better fit for this position than the other candidates? Heck, I don’t know, said one techie. “I have no idea what the other candidate’s credentials are. But I can tell you what I bring to the table. You are asking me to do a comparision with no data.”

DevSource – The Best and Worst Tech Interview Questions by Esther

I like this answer! I’ve always felt interviewers are nuts to ask this question. How on earth would potential employees know what other applicants are, how they answered the questions and their performance, education, experiences and skills?

The real salary

Once in awhile, you may come across a job ad with “international and established company (but you’ve never heard of the company’s name) … among Top achievers (no mention in what category, when, where)… exciting job… salary above RM21 000 annually.”


Once you see the huge figure, your eyes bugged out. Don’t lie. Until you read it again and take out the calculator. RM21 000 / 12 = RM1750 only.

So calculate the monthly salary (estimation) from annual figure because advertisers do want you to join their companies by luring you with a many 000 $ – provided you are what they want.


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