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Gary Cao Ge – Superman

Also pronounced as Gary Chaw. Admittedly, he looks like ah beng or ah pek at 1st glance but his songs are so nice – at least the duets are! From 1 of his videos, it seems he’s quite humble and loves his fans very much – he’s always pictured standing near to them, his head is slanting towards the other person or maybe he just want to feel a sense of closeness/belonging with them.

4/5 You have to see the video to enjoy and laugh at the silliness. Funky. Fun. Different.

2.兩隻戀人 – Liang Zhi Lian Ren- Two lovers
4/5 Sweet and innocent. The chorus has a bit of kid song “ding dong bell” or “liang je lau fu” (2 little tigers) or something like that.

3. GirlFriend
2/5 If you like slow R&B then it’s ok. At the end, “I wanna be your superman.”

4. 背叛 – Bei Pan- Betrayal
2/5 4/5 Sad. I changed my mind after listening to this song several times (around 4 times) after this review (listened 3 times). It gets better – sadder with more listening frequency.

5. 妳是我的寶貝 – Ni Shi Wo De Bao Bei- You are my baby
2/5 Smooth. He’s asking the girl “Let’s get together, good?”

6. 3_7_20_1
3/5 A bit of jazz. Lively.

7. 保護你 – Bao Hu Ni- Protect you
2/5 Slow. Not memorable.

8. 愛到底 – Ai Dao Di- Love til the end
2/5 Like Superman’s style but less catchy.

9. 我的甜蜜蜜 – Wo De Tian Mi Mi- My sweetie
2/5 A hint of jazz/blues. “Kan kuo lai”? That sounds like Richie Ren and funny guy Ah Niu’s song in Redang island with Sammi Cheng.

10. 天使忌妒的生活 – Tian Shi Ji Du De Sheng Huo- The life that angels envy
1/5 zzz although the range is wide here from low to high.

I think his duets are more famous than the songs in this album.

Gary’s official blog

Wikipedia – Gary Cao (contains a list of duets and songs he composed for other singers)

Daniel Lee – 躲不過 Unavoidable

Daniel won Malaysian Idol 2 and like Nicholas Teo, his voice is in the middle range – not too low or high (not really powerful). His songs are easy listening pop but more upbeat than Nicholas Teo’s. His albums always (this is the 2nd one though) have Malay songs.

If you’ve seen him in person, you’d know he’s petite. :p His favourite colour is pink!

Sony BMG Daniel Lee – 躲不過 Unavoidable

01 Because of Love/ 因为有爱 (Yin Wei You Ai)
2/5 What’s with all the “Romeo & Juliet” words? Cao Ce also has a single with “Romeo & Juliet” Upbeat song although not memorable. It’s been playing on the radio lately.

02 Love Is Under The Sky
3/5 Easy listening pop

03 Forgive Me/原谅我 (Yuan Liang Wo)
2/5 Sad, slow. There are lots of songs like this in the market. Vocals louder than music.

04 Are You Happy on Your Birthday?/你的生日快乐吗?( Ni De Sheng Ri Kuai
Le Ma)

3/5 Like the guitar :)

05 Running Out Of Time/来不及 (Lai Bu Ji)
1/5 Quiet

06 Devastation/万年烽火 (Wan Nian Feng Huo)
3/5 Fast and different from other songs in this album.

07 Portal/随意门 (Sui Yi Men)
2/5 Starts off great but dwindles later.

08 Unavoidable/躲不过 (Do Bu Guo)
2/5 Sad & slow.

09 Everytime (英)
4/5 English cover of boyband A1. Daniel sings this like he’s with a band of many Daniels :) and lots of “ooooh wohhh”. A1 – free music streaming and everything about A1 (lots of links)

10 Angin Malam (巫)
3/5 Sleepy music but easy listening

I found 2 sites claiming to be his official fan sites

What is going on?!

Sony BMG Daniel Lee song previews available

Track list from FuiYoh! Daniel Lee Second Album Released -Unavoidable (Do Bu Guo)


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