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Malaysia National Excuse

Got this forwarded email and it’s funny (real too)! Subject: MALAYSIA NATIONAL EXCUSE This is Malaysia-and u should know NATIONAL EXCUSE FOR HAIR LOSS: Ajinomoto If you are thinking of going to Yun Nam Hair Care, read my post about its sister company New York Skin Solutions first! NATIONAL INSTANT FOOD : Maggi Mee. NATIONAL… Continue reading Malaysia National Excuse

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Barely slept 2hrs, something was shaking my shoulder and back from the back. I was sleeping on my right side. At that time, I didn’t know if I was dreaming or imaging things. I was in a long white robe and holding a sword, fighting evil spirits at the gate from entering a place. The… Continue reading Shaking


Old El Paso Cheese ‘n Salsa Medium

While Leggo’s Bolognese Pasta Sauce was about to finish, I scouted Carrefour and Jusco for sauce promotions. I saw a cheese dip beside Prego the previous time I went there and thought Sauce would be more delicious for pasta.After I had tried out the sauce, I decided that I was finishing it too fast! Thicker… Continue reading Old El Paso Cheese ‘n Salsa Medium