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Dance like Rain

Rain, the Korean superstar with single eye lid and usually seen with dark eyeglasses and showing off his smooth chest and abs (ok! Don’t puke if you are not a fan).. where was I?

Oh, I’m not a fan of Rain but I gotta give him credit for naming himself Rain, I assume after the natural occurance. Afterall, this blog is written by a Rainbow ;)

Plus, he wasn’t born with the typical handsome looks but he worked at it – look at his muscles. Physical attributes aside, he couldn’t get where he is now without lots of talent, hard work, guts and brains in singing, dancing and acting.

Enjoy this video where other (celebrities?) dance like him.

Bi Rain Dance

Is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs still valid?

Wikipedia - Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Back when we were in secondary school and University, we learnt about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (pic). Debateable, this is 1 of the core “ideas” that everyone in business course/subject learn.

His theory is we look for the most basic (essential) things in life first – food, shelter (tree house, anyone?), clothes (just barely enough to keep us warm and safe like leaves in the crotches during Adam & Eve’s time). Then to extras like pretty/grunge clothes, bigger & more powerful car, hi-tech home and holidays..

1 thing is certain in life:

Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.

– Benjamin Franklin (taken from Brainy Quote)

Another thing certain in life is you need to eat and drink, study and work/get money. So when you have money, you’ll have to spend – no, actually, whether you have money or not, you still have to eat and have shelter over your head. Unless you don’t mind being a beggar and sleep in the streets, public restrooms or benches in the garden.

In these days, I don’t think people follow Maslow’s idea anymore. Some people actually care more about self-actualization and helping others than materials like Mother Theresa and countless people around the world who founded charities and awareness groups. You can say that’s not true! “They care about money – that’s why Mother Theresa travelled around the world asking for charities and they have all these expensive parties to suck the rich!”

Can charities exist without finance resources? If people actually do more, give time and effort than money, money would still be needed – at least for basic nessecities.

Keanne* actually parked about 15minutes walk from KLCC to buy Prada clothes. He’d rather walk in the rain (and bitch about it on the way) than pay RM5 for in-door parking. But he could spend thousand $ on an apparel just for the brand – after making sure it’s not “Made in China/Taiwan/Sri Lanka”.

For Romeo and Juliet (are you getting fed up with so much mention of this couple?), love was more important than family and society’s expectations.

Zack* was surprised when he found out his colleague with Bachelor Degree was dating a guy with lower salary and education than her. “Why is she seeing that guy? I mean.. she can have so many better choices! She’s not bad!” Did it mean her boyfriend was bad?

Certain people would never marry or date out of their loop. It’s not only the rich and educated who think this.

*Queenie*, a dragon with hot fire sales promoter with beautiful features do not even look at guys she thinks that are/ look educated. “We’re not same! What to talk about?” It doesn’t help that there are other things to talk about like entertainment, travelling – besides education. For her, education time was like aeons ago.

When I was working part time after SPM, I had a small crush on a guy. His friend chided him, which I overheard, “Aiya, forget about tackling her la! She’s way over you!”

We went to the same school but different streams. I in Science in the better classes, he in Arts – the lower end Art class. What’s love gotta do with it? It’s all in final exam results.

Kon* cared more about pleasing other managers in the higher rank than him than the satisfaction and feedback from his staffs. He confided, “I want to change job level every 2 years.” He meant climbing up the corporate ladder. He’s so focused on getting to the top that he forgets his parallel and people under his ‘leadership’.

Many designers and people who are determined to make their dreams come true sometimes sacrifices comfort and security.

As for the excretion, don’t you sometimes hold it so that you can break your previous game record or watching the movie’s ending?

Or eat chocolate and cakes when I’m supposed to take more healthy vegetables and fruits?! Darn darn!

It’s all about your personal priorities.

What’re your top 7 priorities?


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