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A word makes all the difference

You say:

  • I can’t achieve the target..
  • I don’t know how..
  • It’s not available anymore..
  • It’s not available anymore but I can order for you. However, that will take 3 months to reach here. (there’s actually offer of help BUT!)

What is the first thing that you think if someone says that to you?

What if someone says this instead:

  • I can achieve the target, provided that..
  • I’m going to find out how..
  • It’s sold out!
  • It’s sold out! I can order for you, which will take 3 months to reach here.




It may sound weird but if you pause a bit, then continue with positive ending or suggestion – most likely the other person would agree to go for it. And it sounds as if you are really helping the customer – thinking from his/her shoes instead of saving your ass or pushing responsibilities. ;)

Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Revised Edition

Joseph Murphy - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Revised EditionThe version that I read was revised by Ian McMahan, year 2000. There’s another 2007 publication (link @ bottom of this post).

It’s plain blue cover with yellow and white fonts do not impress me. Looks like those get rich scheme and cannot be trusted authors promoting their books online.

But once I read the first few chapters, I was hooked. Instead of finishing it ASAP, I took my time reading and writing my own notes.

The book has some quotes from the Bible. If you are like me, a non-Christian, you can skip those parts or read it to understand more about Christianity/the philosophy behind it.

It’s not totally on religion but also science – The Laws of Attraction concept (though I think the words “laws of attraction” wasn’t used widely in the book) and Positive Visualization.

There are 20 chapters on how your mind and body works, mental healings in ancient & modern times and best of all – techniques on how to get what you want – health, wealth, success, relationship, happiness, remove fear and negative blocks. For the ageing baby boomers, the last chapter is on how to remain young in spirit.

Once you’ve read a few chapters on how to pray and visualize, you can guess how to deal with other areas in the book.

1 of the things that he touched was faith healing – blind or not, as long as the person believes it (the good luck charm, chanting of prayers, specific ways of doing things), it will come true. (page 67-70)

Healing does not need physical touch although we may think it’s faster to heal with the healer (doctor, surgeon, maybe you) prodding and cutting up the ‘faulty’ body part. Joseph teaches how to heal from afar – as long as the person is open to healing and want to be healed.

As much as it surprises you, some people do not want to be healed for their own reasons. Some manipulate it to get attention they would never get if they were healthy. That’s why some people threaten to commit suicide when their partner do not agree to get back together. Others think they are not worth to heal for they have sinned. Gosh, I sound so Christiansy!

The timing we should do this positive thinking/praying/visualization is before we sleep and after we wake up when our mind is still blur (I think that’s when you can barely open your eyes and keep yawning) because that’s when our subconscious mind dominate. The other is whenever you think negative – you counter it with positive affirmation.

Chapter 6 Practical Techniques in Mental Healings contains guide on “true” prayer, visualization, mental-movie (you can say it’s the same as visualization!), The Baudoin Technique (interesting!), sleeping technique (same as Baudoin!) and “Thank You”. Here, I think there’s repetition but named with different words.

Each chapters end with a list of summary.

“Change your thoughts, and you change your destiny.”

– Summary 10 in Chapter 1 The Treasure House Within You.

All these about improving your life.. when you really want to improve yourself, you would find this book (or any book for that matter) beneficial. It’s really depending on you. The book and ideas are just tools for you to achieve what you want in life.

Just thinking and no action would not do either. You have to believe and do what is right to get it. Say, if you just pray everynight to strike lottery but you don’t buy the lottery ticket, how are you going to win? Let’s hope someone gives you the winning lottery ticket then?

“You were born to be rich. You grow rich by the use of your God-given faculties, by tuning in with the Infinite, and as your mind becomes productive and full of good ideas, your labor will become more productive and will bring you all kinds of material riches.”

“There is no virtue whatsoever in poverty, which in actual fact is a mental disease, and it should be abolished from the face of the earth. You are here to find your true place in life, and to give of your talents to the world. You are here to expand and unfold in a wonderful way, according to a God-given potential, and to bring forth spiritual, mental, and material riches, which will bless humanity in countless ways. Learn how to surround yourself always with beauty, and luxury, and realize your inalienable right to live, liberty, freedom and peace of mind.”

Joseph Murphy (1898-1981)

Joseph Murphy (1898-1981)

Corner Stone – Joseph Murphy

He had passed away already!

Excerpts from The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (The original unabridged version) by Joseph Murphy

Not everyone is born with optimism. Lucky you if you are such person :D

Everytime I read Virgo horoscope, it only confirms pessimsitic thinking. Ugh! I had enough! Being miserable and always wallowing in the gray are so not healthy. I choose happiness, health, abundance, success and peace!

Several times, while doing the exercises, I got too excited and happy over my visualization and I couldn’t sleep till 5am! Still, it’s not easy to change thinking in just a snap. But it can be done! :D This book has steered me faster towards more positive thinking and I’m going to reread it next time.

Click here for Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind @ Amazon.com

Now I must practice thinking “I accept it in my mind” whenever I see something that I want is out of my reach.

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