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Ask Milk! Campaign

Unlike Got Milk? campaign in US where the ads are celebrities with milk moustaches, this Ask Milk Campaign is funnier – crazier.

Ask Milk! Campaign [It’s in Japanese but there are English subtitles]

Ram’s son 30th birthday

The email that Ram sent was: My son 30th birthday.

His son was just born. So it’s his 30th day since birth :D

1 friend asked, “Isn’t he supposed to add “day” after 30th?”

Yo, understand automatically la. His son can’t be older than him, can he? Ram’s only in his 20’s.

When I asked Africa*, “Are you going to his party?”

Africa answered with, “Huh?”

“His son’s 30th – after 1 month party.”

“Oh is it?! I got an email about – from Ram – with that title… but I didn’t open it.”

“Ha?! How could you not open it?!” Ram was 1 of the closest classmate when we were studying Computer Science. A funny, good natured and helpful guy. Smart too. Story after the jump…

“I thought it was a junk mail. He doesn’t have a 30 year old son! Hahah!”

Luckily I had called him.

* name changed and why not Africa? There’s America (Ferrera of Ugly Betty, love that show!)

We had only been to the party place once. During our Higher Diploma for Deepavali. That time, we took bus. Now, most of us had cars already ;) including yours truly, I accept a good working car in my mind. Yes, it is so, thank you very much. (I’m doing mind projection)

On the way there, I was entrusted with the honour of checking the route on the map that Ram had forwarded to us. Carmen thought the map was from Deepavali last year or so. I thought that map was from our Higher Dip Deepavali!

So we were following the map completely and kept on the look out for an area of construction at the traffic light. That was where we were supposed to turn in. Noo… we couldn’t find construction at the traffic light. So we went straight and… turned into the wrong Taman already!

I said reluctantly and slowly, “I think we should’ve turned just now..”

“I think so too. This is to another place.”

That “Under construction” area in the map? It’s now several blocks of apartment! Aiyo, that map was really from Higher Dip – more than 5 years already!

When we reached the venue, we slammed Ram and the map creator jokingly, “What construction hah? Already built high high!”

“See my map very clear and detailed,” map creator laughed. Aiyoyo.

We were the 1st group to reach and the food wasn’t there yet.

Congratulations, Ram! card

The baby was so cute, huge black eyes. Fat, fat :D Very cute especially when he yawned.

Map creator had decorated the home with blinking lights and sprayed on the glasses. Nice.

When the food finally arrived, we were the 1st to eat. Since there weren’t many other guests around, we – ah, I first – scooped the yellow rice (what’s it called?), lots of curry chicken and vegetables. Ahh.. hot :D Indian’s curry always taste good.

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Increase your sales in retail

When I was working in the retail sales, we had training from other seniors to Supervisors and Shop Managers. After starting work, we should be sent for training at Headquarter Office but when I joined, the retail outlets were not having sales – so I had lots of people training me but HQ was so busy with something that there was no training at HQ for months!

By the time I went to HQ for training, I had been trained and learnt everything on retail sales from hands on and seniors that I had to pull my eyes open with both hands when HQ showed the slides. The only new thing that I had learnt was the company’s history in boring 80’s Microsoft Power Point presentations. Not Microsoft’s fault. The HR in HQ was still using 80-90’s presentation files! Even the CEO looked young haha!

The thing is, we can learn how to improve our sales from many ways – hands on training, briefing, mock (you pretend to be the bitchy customer, I pretend to be the ever-so-helpful staff), customers feedback, other retail staffs, books, tvp and movies. :)

Then I had read some articles in

The site has:
Free Articles
Free Sales Tips

You can also sign up for email newsletters 59 Second Tip

I just signed up the newsletters and got 2 free reports – “100 Ways to Increase Your Sales” and “The 11 Retail Sales Mistakes That Cost You Money.”

Not restricted to retail sales, the tips can be applied in other business areas.

PS. I’m not getting any $ to refer anyone. I just want to share this info with anyone interested.


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