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When you applied so many jobs

Do you, like me, have accounts in JobStreet, JenJobs and search jobs in newspapers, forums? Not to mention write-ins even when there’s no ad.

How do you keep track of the jobs you’ve applied?

For those I’m interested in – those that I would want to write in, I keep a list in my computer consisting:

  • co name
  • address
  • contact # & email
  • contact person
  • products/services
  • status (applied, not qualified, maybe)

Sometimes though, you may apply a job in a company that is not famous or memorable. When you get a call from that company asking you to come for interview and you scratched your head when did you apply to such company, what do you do?

Do you:

  • agree straight away. You are Desperate with capital D. Then you searched your application history in all your job portal accounts.
  • ask the called, “Where did you get my application? And for what position?” The HR could be sooo impressed with your resume that he/she contact you without you applying a job. Ah but some companies target blur cases to lure them to join get-rich-and-broke scheme.
  • let them know you’ll call back later to confirm if you want the interview. In Jobstreet, there’s a clause: You MUST attend interview for jobs you’ve applied or be blacklisted.
  • mumble “wrong number” if you don’t like the sound of the caller or can’t recall you had applied the job.

HR probably has this problem now more than before since it’s easy to apply online. Not to mention career fairs, duplicate application form (the hardcopy and softcopy) and different agents (HR staff) handling different accounts.

Fresh graduates and those who have broad interest (or no idea what’s the interest is!) generally apply wide range of jobs. After all, you just graduated and have no experience what the job tasks are!

People who are constantly improving themselves, wanting to learn more in other departments too are spreading themselves.

“What job are you looking for now?”

I counted off my fingers, “Marketing, fashion buyer/merchandizer/purchaser, IT, real estate.”

“So many? Sounds thin.”

“More chances.”

Sometimes it’s not targeting many categories that work. Specific works too.

Maybe in the future there’ll be a mega portal that combines all the applications from different job agencies in 1, like enabling users to check prices from different shops.

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