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Wang Lee Hom – Change My Ways (王力宏 – 改變自己)

01 Intro
like praying in church, ends with a gong which feels Oriental. Weird

02 改變自己 (Change My Ways) – Gai Bien Zi Zhi
5/5 upbeat, funky, fun :) Chorus feels like 90’s music

03 落 葉 歸 根 (Falling Leaves) – Luo Ye Gui Gen
3/5 stars with violin, rising piano keys. Slow, tender.

04 創作前言 (Composition’s Preface) – Chuang Zuo Qian Yen
brief talk with his previous songs in the background

05 我們的歌 (Our Song) – Wo Men De Ge
3/5 mumble and blues bit

06 你是我心內 的一首歌 (You’re A Song In My Heart) – Ni Shi Wo Xin Nei De Yi Shou Ge
5/5 duet with Selina of SHE. Sounds like a 60’s love song. Sweet and easy listening

07 愛在哪里 (Where’s The Love) – Ai Zai Na Li
3/5 wondering? Love’s here! A bit boring song. Probably meaning for those looking for love

08 Cockney Girl
3/5 the only R&B, a bit rap song. I don’t like it but after hearing it a few times, it’s getting better. Reminds me of the collaboration with Rain and J-Lim.

09 不完整的旋律 (Incomplete Melody) – Bu Wan Zheng De Xuan Lu
5/5 sad, like other hit love songs but I still love this.

10 愛的鼓勵 (Love’s Encouragement) – Ai De Gu Li
2/5 drum, chorus is ok

11 華人萬歲 (Love Live Chinese) – Hua Ren Wan Shui
3/5 jazz, blues, chanting like the old slaves people to the King “man sui, man sui, man man sui”

12 星期六的深夜 (Wee Hours of Saturday) – Xing Qi Liu De Shen Ye
4/5 piano, oh sad, slow but not draggy

Not many different varities of music categories unlike Heroes of Earth. More ballads like his older albums. That said, I would play only a few songs repeatedly instead of the whole album.

In IS (Information System) dept

Position: Temp
Field: IT
Industry: IT
Location: moderate sized office in a very rich and successful company


“Are you free this week? Want to work?”

“What job?”

“5 days IT exec in IT co. Very easy job.”

“Do what?”

“Aiya very simple simple job!!!”

“Have to do what?! Tell me the job desc!” Whenever people do not disclose JD (Job Description in detail) to me, I do not have interest in pursuing the job – in my experience, such jobs/companies were either trying to con people or abusing people.

“Sit, read, listen to music, entertain aunties, eat, surf net, chit chat, check email, eat somemore. Hahaha.”


“Backup the guy on EL. Just need to solve problems, install softwares. Anything, just ask the guy or IT in SG. Wait for them to settle for you.”

Mmm.. sounds irresponsible to leave it for others to do your own job.

I had never done any technical IT job before. The only troubleshoot I do is on my own PC (and that at full ass job but sometimes to no avail, I am not proud to admit) and maybe several close friends’ PC and notebooks. Never server. Anything not sure, Google it to find solutions. I am glad I have lots of ex-colleagues and cousin who know how to fix computers if I still hit the wall ;)

“I have to handle server?”

“No need.”

So I went over to the office and did as told – “Go to the receptionist, say you are his replacement.”

The job 

The receptionist gestured, “You follow me.”

She lead me to the end of the office and pointed at a guy around my age in casual wear. “This is the guy.”

“Ha?” Shocked.

“He’s here.”

So I wasn’t needed?!

“I’m going to leave after this. There would be 4 notebooks coming in. If you can’t carry them, just ask any of the guys,” he said.

“Carry notebooks in? No problem.” I had carried heavier boxes when working in retail sales. People think sales assistants, promoters only stand like wallflower wallpaper and do not have to lift a finger. Hah. Not when the merchandize is apparel.

“They are quite heavy. 4 you know?”

“Oh ok.” Unh, 4 notebooks together in 1 box would be heavy.

After handing me the key in hush hush manner like a top secret agent and the key was for a treasure, giving instructions on what to do and how, passed his tag to me, he left.

“Girls work in IT as engineer, going onsite for installation, repair all that is not good,” 1 of my IT ex-colleague who happens to be a male.

“Why?! Onsite can earn more money! ” I countered. Girls are just as good, if not better than guys at repairing! :p

Any job that requires staff to go to clients place is good – as long as you can claim back OT, parking, tol, petrol. Besides, onsite engineers are paid higher than those in helpdesk or call center. I know some onsite UNIX engineers earning more than RM10K per month – 2 years ago.

The difference between helpdesk and call center? I thought they were the same – helpdesk operates under call center environment but call center is considered lower by some people. They are the 1st level of contact with customers, internal and external (and all other nutcases). Helpdesk deals more with the technical stuff or specialization.

So it’s:

call center to get the details > helpdesk for troubleshooting on the phone > dispatcher/co-ordinator to arrange which, when, where onsite engineer go & order parts needed > onsite engineers go to clients/customers place physically to repair, replace, knit relationships, whatever.

Where was I? Oh, why females shouldn’t work in IT as onsite engineer.

“You have to carry heavy stuff! Can carry meh?!” He snorted.

“Why cannot? Cannot then ask for help lah!” There must be trolley somewhere for really heavy computers. Or guys like him who think girls can’t carry heavy stuff. *sway*

“It’s dangerous also. Work at night.”


Who wants to “get to know” him? He wants to take care of you – make sure you don’t work late at night (after 8pm is considered late, dark and dangerous), don’t have to carry heavy things.

So on my 1st day there, I had to wait for the notebooks to arrive… They were supposed to arrive at around 5pm but 1 of the delivery guys called and said, “Kami tiba pukul 6.30 boleh? Trafik jam lah!”

“Errr.. o k lah.”

I spent my time surfing the net for this company’s blogs and articles, waiting for the notebooks to arrive so that I could install operating systems and programs.

This company is 1 of the top companies in US (and world?) for its product and services. I had no idea the office was so small! There were only about 50 people in Malaysia! I saw only less than 15 people there. I was the youngest there, from the looks of matured men with. Average age… around 35 to 45 yo. I thought I was the only person in 20’s (except the guy I was replacing for a few days).

The PC only had a few songs to my disappointment. I already had those songs too.

The delivery guys didn’t arrive before I left at 7pm.


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