Wang Lee Hom – Change My Ways (王力宏 – 改變自己)

01 Intro like praying in church, ends with a gong which feels Oriental. Weird 02 改變自己 (Change My Ways) – Gai Bien Zi Zhi 5/5 upbeat, funky, fun :) Chorus feels like 90’s music 03 落 葉 歸 根 (Falling Leaves) – Luo Ye Gui Gen 3/5 stars with violin, rising piano keys. Slow, tender.… Continue reading Wang Lee Hom – Change My Ways (王力宏 – 改變自己)

Career · Community · Etiquette · Human rights · Positive

In IS (Information System) dept

Position: Temp Field: IT Industry: IT Location: moderate sized office in a very rich and successful company Pre-interview “Are you free this week? Want to work?” “What job?” “5 days IT exec in IT co. Very easy job.” “Do what?” “Aiya very simple simple job!!!” “Have to do what?! Tell me the job desc!” Whenever… Continue reading In IS (Information System) dept