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Bleach 109 Renji & Ichigo argue

Love to watch these 2 stubborn guys Abarai Renji (redhead) and Ichigo (orange) argue. LOL click for bigger size Bleach 109 [full, English sub] Spoiler Bleach 108-109 [Ctrl+A] Can’t believe Kariya actually died! I knew he was using other Bounto but to kill himself? Why didn’t Ishida just shoot Kariya on the gathered power from… Continue reading Bleach 109 Renji & Ichigo argue

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Interview questions

From Stupid interview questions by Mr Angry, 2 comments provided links to: What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that interviewee performance is not at all related to job performance, unless the job for which you’re hiring is an actor. That’s what being a successful interviewee is all about: acting. But even… Continue reading Interview questions

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The real salary

Once in awhile, you may come across a job ad with “international and established company (but you’ve never heard of the company’s name) … among Top achievers (no mention in what category, when, where)… exciting job… salary above RM21 000 annually.” Wahhh.. Once you see the huge figure, your eyes bugged out. Don’t lie. Until… Continue reading The real salary