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The Hungry Ghost month

In the Chinese calendar, the 7th month is the Hungry Ghost month. From 1st – 7th of July, it’s also 7 Je (sisters) Darn (festival) – 7 Goddess / Fairies (or something else, anyone know the names?). If you are born on special dates like birthday of angels, festivals, do you feel like you are… Continue reading The Hungry Ghost month


Multiple posts delete can?

Right now, we can delete posts – 1 by 1. In database language programming, we can delete records based on certain criterias. All in 1 go. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the same with posts? Like I want to delete all the posts from the month of Jan 2000 or any posts… Continue reading Multiple posts delete can?


Rush Hour 3

RottenTomatoes – Rush Hour 3 Jackie Lee’s English is getting better. On paper. All in perfect grammar and tenses but not realistic as conversation. Except when Jackie’s half black. I jest. Jackie’s blur/clumsy/funny expressions are getting boring. *flat tone* so not funny. Maybe to Americans (and French, Japanese) who didn’t watch Jackie’s older movies wouldn’t… Continue reading Rush Hour 3

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Beryl’s Fruits Fiesta chocolates

I woke up and read a note on the calendar. I got goodies! :D Beryl’s Fruits Fiesta Chocolate – Blueberry & Mango Birthday presents! I ding dong which 1 to eat first. Took the Blueberry and popped 6 into my mouth – 1 at a time. The box looked moderate size but once you open… Continue reading Beryl’s Fruits Fiesta chocolates

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Slaughtering chicken

My uncle grabbed the chicken, which was still alive and cut out it’s chest, stomach. He put them, in pieces, onto a plate. Suprisingly, there was no blood. It appeared like cooked chicken. I tried to stop him, shouting but I dared not touch him lest he whacked me with the knife. The chicken was… Continue reading Slaughtering chicken