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Bootstrapper has many links to The Woman Entrepreneurs Toolbox: 100 Networking Resources, Guides and Links

Meanwhile, PC Magazine has Top 100 Classic Web Sites

Birthday celebration III – Putrajaya & Cyberjaya (2007)


After finishing the ice cream @ Laundry, we discussed where to go.

Sam said, “We take 1 car go lah. Chai, you drop your car at Nat’s la.”

“I want to go to yoga tomorrow.. Somemore I didn’t bring my own clothes, how to overnight?” Chai asked her.

“I got clothes ma!” Nat told Chai.

“Cannot fit me la!”

“Can la!”

“Don’t want la.”

“So if you don’t want to overnight, how about we go to your home and,” I turned to Sam, “park your car at her house. That way, Chai doesn’t have to drive from Nat’s house to her home because Cyberjaya is near her home.”

So we headed to Cyberjaya but detoured to Putrajaya first. Nat’s company had booked a suite in Shangri La Hotel there on 30th to see the fireworks. No company staff is invited though… This is a situation where big bosses use company $ for own pleasure.

The lobby looked.. uh huh from outside. Like that only?

Somehow we ended up at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa and the lobby looked better than Shangri La! Continue reading


I attract honest, sincere, helpful, kind people

You have to change your hairstyle, your bag, clothes. Your thinking. I know you are the type to think that wearing clothes is not about branded but about comfort and fit. But sometimes we have to buy branded things to show to other people. To make other people respect us.

Why would I want these people who look at branded things for respect? Warren Buffet is 1 of the richest person in the world and he still drives his 1st car.

Work | Non-work

I know some of my bags do not look successful or professional. When I hangout with friends, I am not working. Hence, I do not need to look successful and professional. It’s my relax and fun time. I prefer to wear clothing that is classic, comfortable and fitting. Whichever I find beautiful.

Not that working is totally stressful and not fun at all but it’s different – at work, I really try to project professionalism in mannerism, speech and physical appearance.

Brand makes you? 

I simply do not buy branded things just because they are branded because I know how much they cost to make them. For myself, I have several criterias before I buy something – quality, pricing and function (possibly mood factor too). If you only care about ego and brand, you think the higher the price, the more quality it is, well, that’s your preference. It could be true in some cases. Or not. Continue reading


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