How many of us are honest at work?

At work, would you voice out when you have any ideas that you think would change things for better?

Do you sit quietly during meetings, briefings, trainings and yet when something goes wrong, you think, “I knew it!”

When your manager or other colleagues ask you, do you truthfully give the reply? Or you think about how it would affect you, others first? If you disclosed the mistake made by your good friend-colleague then, would you feel like you’ve betrayed your friend-colleague? Is there any politic play like praising the people you like, stomping people you dislike in front of your managers? Do you keep certain info like benefits, special offers, easier and faster way of doing things from them so that they would have to work harder to finish their task?

When it comes to your personal performance evaluation, do you voice out your concerns for your career path? Do you shrug and reply, “I don’t know” when your manager asks you, “What do you want to do?”


I remember during 1 of my evaluation, my manager gave me a moderate mark even though she said, “You are among the best performer in this category. The other is [who who].”

What? If I had done so good but gotten only moderate (around 5-6 out of 10), then what do others get? Were we (the team) really performing that badly for this category?

“You can defend yourself, go on.”

But I kept quiet and gave up because I saw she was dead set on her marks. I should’ve defended myself with examples!

Sometimes the manager can’t help staffs when staffs are being silent. There are times when one feels one can only say something to change when one becomes a manager.

“Our opinions do not matter.”

Where does that feeling come from? Own self confidence based on History – when the manager promises one thing and do nothing of the sort. Own lack of self confidence. Other unexpected, external circumstances..

Sometimes we defend our ideas so much even when they suck and drag others down with us. It’s why some managers just keep getting promoted because their superiors were the ones who hired them and they wanted to save their egos, to avoid admitting to the public that they had made the wrong choice in hiring that person.

1 bad apple

The worse still is keeping the bad people in the organization because that shows to the others that the company doesn’t value good staff but promotes the bad staff. Equal pay to every staff doesn’t mean equality. Equal pay to staffs that perform that well for his/her job is equal. So sooner or later, the good staff’s performance would drop or they find better jobs in other companies – which are most likely to be competitors of the current company.Amazon - Winning (Hardcover)

Yesterday after my interview, I went over to Popular and read Jack & Suzy Welch – Winning. The book’s formatted into sections and each section has sub-sections with around 1-2 pages.

1 thing different about him is he listed examples of good employees in GE (General Electric), even those who had left for better pastures. :) Some managers actually think that people who leave the company are “NOT loyal”.

Loyalty vs performance

Does it matter if the staffs are so loyal but don’t perform up to par? Would the ship sink if the remaining are bad performing staffs? Keeping staffs who no longer have the spirit and optimism is detrimental to the company and themselves for they could’ve been enjoying different work and you have space to hire better people!

Staffs who are always looking for better ways to improve their tasks, company’s policies and their skills – because that means they always try to improve themselves to contribute more? Anyone know of any company or manager that encourages staff to view and search jobs in office (perhaps outside working hours)?

Because if the company is providing higher perks (childcare, insurance, environment, salary, career advancement, flexibility, etc) than other companies, then the staffs would be satisfied to know that they are already in the place they want to be! It also boosts their self-esteem when other companies would like to hire them but they decide to stay anyway – because they love what they are doing already. – Jack & Suzy Welch – Winning

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