Birthday celebration VI – Izzi & Haagen Dazs (2007)

Heard from Jean that, “There’s a new place for pizza and Maybank card members get 50% discount!”

Since then I had been wanting to go there but I didn’t know what the place was called – Jean had forgotten it too. Then Car suggested Izzi and said Maybank card members get 50% discount! Ohh.. I knew Izzi had 50% discount but with Redbox.

1st round: McD’s

So BraveSafe and I headed to Times Square for parking and immediately headed to get McD’s Sundae cone for 50cents!

Times Square has a lot of shops selling RM10 – RM25 per piece clothes (flat price!) and most of them are imported from China, Korea and Japan. Saw a shop that sells career wear at RM29.90 for a top! Really cheap and they looked nice, not wrinkly. Ironed already mah! A lot of shops selling Goth(ic) and Japanese Harajuku styles too, the teen girls adore them.

I asked BraveSafe, “If I buy for you, would you wear it?”

“NO!! I’ll give to my dog!” She answered in a heartbeat. She has 2 loud Hush Puppies.

2nd round: Izzi KL

When Car reached Times Square, we headed over to Izzi. Saw the bright deco in the website:

Izzi KL

We were directed to the Ground Floor instead because upstairs were “reserved”. Ground floor’s deco was plain. Ceh, disappointed. Maybe it was the evening time – not so much bright lights like in the picture above. There were The Star newspapers, Juice, Expat but not the latest fashion and lifestyle magazines.

We ordered the:

  • Cheese Dough Ball RM7.80 I liked it, not loved it. BraveSafe noticed that the picture and the real ball didn’t have the same cheese colour filling. In the menu picture, the cheese filling was lighter colour than the bread/dough. In the real food, the cheese filling was darker than the dough.
  • Bottomless ice lemon tea without ice. The drink was served cold from the can anyway. “Where’s the lemon? Why this dark colour?” “From can one lah!”

Then we saw there was Dinner Set Promotion signage on another table! So we asked the staff if we could order that instead because the dinner set had Cheese Dough Ball. The staff said, “I’ll check it for you” and then later came back with, “No, cannot..”

Unfair! We didn’t know there was Dinner set promotion because nobody told us about it and there was no such signages on our table!

But then, 1 of the main meal had beef and when we asked if they could put chicken instead of beef, again, the staff shook her head. Really not flexible @ Izzi.

Oh yeah, the Cheese Dough ball in the Dinner Set Promotion? Only 2 balls. The pizza’s size still follows non-promotional size.

So we added:

  • Izzi’s Chicken Wings with the sauce BBQ recommended by our waitress RM10.80 The BBQ sauce was spicy hot, sweet and sour :) chicken was soft. Since the sauce was poured on top of it, the skin wasn’t crispy but I didn’t think it was meant to be those crispy type.
  • Polo Tropicale pizza RM23.80 Lots of mushroom, a few cubes of smoked chicken, a few slices of pineapple and very few dried chilli, mozarella cheese and tomato. Car commented, “A LOT of mushroom taste.” We shook a lot of seasonings on top.

The strudel was huge! Lots of cheese, strawberry and chocolate cakes but we were too full. Plus, BraveSafe had Haagen Dazs vouchers to use :D

Got a new bag!! I had been wanting for a new professional bag but this was cool too!

I can use it for shopping and working :D Inside the bag is another layer of printed designs – very chic. Know the brand? There is an animal embroidered on the bag. Just big enough to stuff a notebook and lots of $$$ (hehe)..

Amoi's present 2007 - a bag!

“This time your handphone won’t be stolen!” They said.

Hmph! I’ll put my handphone inside the button AND zip area la!!!

When we wanted to go to the washroom (from drinking 2-3 huge cups of lemon tea), we saw the 1st floor was only occupied by maybe 20%?!

3rd round @ Haagen Dazs

In front of Lot 10, Car asked, “Want to sit inside or outside?”

I immediately answered, “Upstairs!”

We all looked up. There was … nothing there, nobody.

“Upstairs.. uh.. is just the roof top,” she said.

I saw many people sitting at the roof top of Haagen Dazs, drinking and eating when I was crossing the road! Oh well…

There was a contest in Haagen Dazs – last day to enter was 31st Aug!

Haagen Dazs 3 scoops Own Creation

Haagen Dazs 3 scoops Own Creation
“Oooh, got give free water.” We hadn’t ordered our drinks then and then I read the contest form that we must purchase the other creations instead of our Own Creation.

Haagen Dazs Root beer float
“Got root beer!” :D Hadn’t drunk root beer for a long time! Everytime I see “Root Beer”, I think of A&W. Sweet memories from childhood in Seremban lake..

Haagen Dazs Root beer float & 3 scoops
The waffle was crispy. All the flavours were nice – Mango and Macadamia Nut, except the Azuki Bean, which I had tested it and my brain tricked me into thinking it was chocolate! I didn’t taste much Macadamia flavour in the ice cream but there were small round Nuts. The mango tasted better while we were testing it mmm.

4 vouchers of RM10 + 50 cents. Sweet but not so sweet… Baskin Robins tasted sweeter and thicker.

The Malay girl in tudung who served us was quite helpful and polite although she gave the impression that she was a bit bitchy at first. Service was fast. Usually town establishments do not hire girls with tudung because companies want to project a modern look but I say, service is definately more important than looks.

Haagen Dazs Root beer float
Ahhh.. so full! The contest form was on the table.

When I got home, mom asked me, “Eh, you got a beidge bag? Not a beidge towel?”

“Oh yeah!” I wanted to buy a beidge/creme towel from Jusco – saw it on the 1st week of Mega Sale and hoped it would drop price. I decided to hint to my friends to get me the towel but I forgot! Nevermind, Mega Sale’s until 2 Sept.. still got time.

Thank you, Amois!

4 thoughts on “Birthday celebration VI – Izzi & Haagen Dazs (2007)

  1. GardianEnjel says:

    Hi I’m Sheira. Just wanna share experience when I had gathering to celebrate one of dear’s friend b’day at Izzi.
    I’m seriously love to eat there because the foods so…so….delicious.
    And the price very reasonable for me.
    About the cheese, of course the colour on the pics different than the real one. The colour of the food is more natural than the pics.
    I’m regularly come to Izzi (at least once a week), n I never get Ice Lemon Tea from can (and you? how come?)!!!
    Anyway, thats just my experience there……Thanks ya…..

  2. Lee Super fun says:

    I couldn’t beelieve the strudels are so HUGE!! Have u tried Strudels, the place for original Strudels? They have closed down in Mid Valley :(

    The food at Izzi is so so only, I think. Iprefer other pizza places. Yes, wen I went there, it took a long time to get service also. but they have quite some variety of local and western food.

  3. MJ says:

    GardianEnjel, Next time will try other pizzas and definately look forward to eat the desserts because I didn’t get to try them.

    The Ice Lemon Tea is from canned drink (it’s brand is printed in the menu picture) and poured onto normal glass. :) It’s not the real tea + fresh sliced lemon.

    Lee Super fun, Not yet tried the strudels @ Izzi.. yeah, a bit sad too that Strudels is no longer available in Mid Valley. Still got in 1U and Sri Hartamas/ Mont Kiara, I think..

  4. Marry says:

    Another discount for Ramadhan time
    Enjoy 50% discount for HSBC and MBB card holders for “Buka Puasa”
    check out the “0.99cent for 2nd pastry” deal.

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