The thing about weddings

Wedding 1

When my ex-colleague asked me to come for her wedding, I offered, “Do you need any help?”

I meant help as in… I didn’t know, pass invitation cards to people who don’t work there but I still meet up?

“OK OK! :D Can you be my jee mui? Since you are not working, you can come earlier. Help me be usher.”

Oh shit.. It would be cruel and selfish to decline to help being usher. After all, the wedding is to be held on a weekday and most of the people work during weekday are unable to go to the venue earlier to help out. But then, I don’t expect many people to turn up early either.


Wedding 2

Then another friend invited me via IM. I told him, “If you are sincere in asking me come, must send the invitation card to my home!” He agreed immediately, “Of course.”

Actually I was just teasing him because he stays nearby my area. Not really near but he boasted before, “Ceh, come to your place Only 15 minutes!”

You know what? He called me after a few days and asked if I were coming. I knew from Car that he would confirm who is coming, then only print the invitation card. Hah?! What’s the point of printing and giving invitation card? To INVITE people!

He said, “I poor ma. Want to save money.”

“Then no need print my one lah.”


“You said wanna save money ma. Save your money for my invitation card la. Just give me the address, map and time.”

Gee.. might as well send invitation cards from free emails la! He asked Car to come to the wedding using his office’s phone somemore! And he’s not poor.

Wedding 3

I have another friend’s wedding at the end of this year and she called, “Eh you are my jee mui ahh.”

This is from a friendship where we have no idea what the other person is doing in detail. We’re not best friends and not even good friends. The last time we hung out together was months ago when I happened to bump into her after my Interrupted, interview. She told me there would be 3 jee mui only. Wow. I was.. apprehensive and someone told me I should feel proud that people ask me to be jee mui, that meant, “She thinks you are worthy of a jee mui.”

Actually, no. I suspected she didn’t have many close friends and had to ask from the pool of friends outside the good friends circle. So I called her to pull out of being a jee mui because I truly felt since she asked so few jee mui, the jee mui should be someone really close to her. She explained that there would be more than 3. 5-6 to be exact from our mutual friends. Ooh… OK then – because some of the other girls are in the same relationship as ours.

Later, Sam called me up, “You know she was sooo hurt you didn’t want to be jee mui? Not enough friends already and you want to cancel! Just go ma!”

“I’m going. I thought only 3 jee mui so they should be best friends. I’m not close with her also.”

“Just pretend lo!”

I just think it’s superficial to pretend to be good friends just for wedding. *shrug* I’d want only my good friends to be my jee mui but maybe their meaning of jee mui is anyone from the bride’s side.


5 thoughts on “The thing about weddings

  1. Blue says:

    Haha I’ve been asked to be jeemui for people I’m not close to also. 2 thing … maybe THEY feel close but I don’t? Or as you said, no close friends. The state of society these days seems to create wider gaps in real life people to people relationship, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that.

    As for cards, I personally feel it’s a waste to spend so much money on elaborate cards, not to mention the part about preserving the environment (don’t want to seem to politically correct here though). Maybe some people do but I personally do not feel it’s any insult for someone to invite me by email.

  2. I am Rainbow says:

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