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Streamyx troubleshoot

Got a reply from Streamyx support via email after I reported my situation in TMNET Contact Us. Turned out I had mistaken about 1Mbps.

I double checked the documentation from all the HW & SW box beside PC and found out that I had used to pay RM88 for 512K but Streamyx lowered the price a few years back to RM66 for 512K without modem. Sorry, yuin wong Streamyx in Streamyx buck up! I got my modem FOC during the promotion hehee. But recently, you could get a HP PC with Streamyx signup!

Hope you’ll benefit from the reply from Streamyx support:

1) Bypass splitter/micro filter/fax machine/lightning protector.

2) Stand alone connection, from wall socket to modem (No parallel line).

3) Flush DNS (Domain Name Server)

a) For Windows 98/ME:
– Click on “Start” button, go to “run”.
– Type “winipcfg” and then click “OK”.
– Select your network card name from the adapter drop-down menu.
– Click on “Release” button.
– The IP address should display Then click “Renew All”.
– Click “OK” to close the window.

b) For Windows XP/2000:
– Click on “Start” button, go to “run”.
– Type “command”, click “OK”.
– Type in “ipconfig /flushdns”, then press “Enter”. (there’s a space after ipconfig)
– Make sure the result is “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver cache”.
– Type “exit” and press “Enter” to close the window screen.

c) For Windows Vista:
– Click the Microsoft Vista Start logo in the bottom left corner of the screen.
– Click “All Programs”.
– Click “Accessories”.
– Right-click on “Command Prompt”.
– Select “Run As Administrator”.
– In the command window, type in “ipconfig /flushdns”, then press “Enter”.
– You should see the result “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache”.

4) Switch off the modem, unplug/ re-plug all cables, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before switching on the modem.

5) Create new dialer and configure DNS (Domain Name Server).
– (Preferred DNS Server: /Alternate DNS Server:

6) Clear Temporary Files, Delete Cookies and Delete Files under Internet Options.

7) Clear SSL Certificates (Internet Option).
– Click on “Tools”.
– Select “Internet Options”.
– Click on “Content” tab.
– Click on “Clear SSL State”.

8) Restore default browser settings.
– Click on “Tools”.
– Select “Internet Options”.
– Select “Advanced”.
– Click on “Restore Defaults”.

9) Temporarily disable firewall settings.

10) Perform Windows scan.

11) Temporarily disable antivirus software.

12) Disable P2P application.

13) Reboot computer and the modem.

14) Do a bandwidth test from our website as follows:
However, if the result is below 70% of the required speed, please reply us by attaching the result in kbits.

Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Department at 100, select “Internet Services” if you need further assistance on the troubleshooting above and if problem still persists, please complete the following details for further action.

Should you require further assistance or would like to submit any enquiry/feedback, kindly visit and click “Need Help? Contact our Customer Service”.

My connection is better than a few days ago when I could barely load a page. The rate is around around 70%. With other competitors like Jaring, Maxis, etc, Streamyx would be better off with providing 80%.

Funny. Firewall and anti-virus (as well as spyware, malware, etc) are essential for internet now and the testing standard is WITHOUT such basic security measures.

Other websites to test online speed: MySpeed and SpeedTest

Streamyx buck up!

My package is supposed to be 1Mbps but I get ETH/ACT blinking erratically or no light at all sometimes, after the Klang Valley “problem” last week (or the previous week?).

Checked in TMNet Speedometer and got about 150-250kbps for download.

In another test, SpeedTest:

Then Jase gave another link, MySpeed – Speed Test

Conclusion: Slow streamyx, not even 50%! I’ve reported via online with attachment image of the TMNet Speedometer screenshot.

I want Streamyx to deliver the support for 1Mbps – at least 70%. Other companies, please bring broadband over. Even with the same price but deliver the support as said, a lot of people would change to the new broadband.

How credit card companies earn your money

What do banks mean when they say gleefully, “Oh, your payment record is very good!” ?

It means that you do not pay fully on time for each month but settle the payment sooner or later (fully). Interests are charged into your account and you pay them within reasonable duration. Some credit card companies also charge late payment and increase the interest rate if you pay late! So it’s like many swords slashing your wallet because of your late payment.

Banks do not want you to pay on time – they don’t get to charge you interests if you are always pay punctually. If you take too long to pay or do not pay at all yet pretend to be non-existing, banks fear they cannot get back money from you. That’s why official ah long (debt collector) is there to contact you – let you know that you have late payment. They may contact you several times via phone, snail mail and email. If you still do not pay after a few months (and many calls), they would work out a deal with you – give you discount on the payment rate so that they can get back at least part of the amount you owed them. This amount is always more than what you originally owed them but could be less than the additional charged interest. Hey, they still need to get profit and pay their debt collectors.

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