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Informational Interviewing you

In Richard Nelson Bolles – What Color Is Your Parachute?, Bolles wrote about Informational Interviewing. It’s where you contact your friends, family, etc and ask them for contacts in the field that you are interested in and gather information for your career change.

It can be a job you’d held in the past or currently. You can link back to this post but it’s not compulsory. The reason I post this is I’m researching on jobs and would love to know more about your jobs. I’ll comment on some of my job experiences too because I’m not a sucker that takes without giving :p

Duration in this position:
Salary & benefits:
Other factors that helped you in scoring this job:
The job is about:

How did you get this job?

What do you like most about it?

What do you hate about it?

What’s next? What do you need to achieve that?

Who else do this kind of work?


I don’t expect these to reply but what the heck:


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