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Protecting your Word Docs

1 of the interviewers I had been to lately asked me about my Degree project. Inwardly, I was like, huh, that was so many years ago! After explaining about it, I offered to email my documentation to her since the job required documentation.

The job is actually getting requirements from customers, pass to developers for customization on the existing system, become the middle person for communication (non-technical and technical), test the product, training the customers and doing what technical writers do. I guess customer support is part of it too… because customers may change their mind after the whole thing is developed and ask for something different.

My horoscope today:

Be careful what you say. You have the right idea but someone may try to steal your thunder and take credit for your hard work, plans or ideas. You have to take control if you want to come out on top.



I searched Help on ways to protect the document but I didn’t have cookies enabled. Nah, just check under the tabs and you can protect your Word docs by:

Tools > Protect Document. There are 2 options:

  1. restrict format
  2. editing. You can choose where it’s possible for user to edit.

Then click Yes, start enforcement. Enforcement has 2 options:

  1. password
  2. user authentication.

I chose editing and then user password – I entered the password and the user must enter the right password to edit my docs :p

User authentication requires Information Rights Management (IRM) and you need to install Windows Rights Management.

You MUST MUST save the doc to really enforce the doc.

Of course it’s not foolproof. If the user has password cracker, there goes the password protection. Also, users can just COPY + PASTE onto another document to edit but it’s better than nothing.


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