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Free Burma!

Free Burma!

Respect individuality and freedom.

Interview with cool IT manager

Position: Project Exec
Company: Local
Field: IT
Industry: IT, Customer Support, MLM
Location: In an area full of Malay residents but the company has only Chinese employees & employer


I had bumped into an ex-colleague a few months back and she said, “Eh, my company is hiring. You want to try?”

I was skeptical. She was in MLM but she smiled, “My company’s very good. Flexible working hours.” Because it was still early evening and I thought it was pretty fast of her to reach where I bumped into her from her office.

So I checked out her company’s website and sent my resume to her.

Going there

No news and I thought I didn’t make it but a few days earlier, a lady called and we scheduled interview. She was nice enough to email a big map and I thought the office building was quite near the train station.

I wondered too, how on earth was I going to work there, how long it would take to reach the office, how much cost for transportation?

I took Komuter, then I missed the RapidKL bus to the building so I changed to LRT and when I reached the station, I asked the staff. He replied, “Ooh belok sana up there.”

“Berapa lama jalan?”

“Naik teksi lebih baik. Jauh…” he advised with a smile.

I had apprehensions about getting into taxis. Kidnapping, raping, drugging, robbing, conning from the meters, etc. Luckily, I think my taxi driver was honest. RM2.70 to reach the place. Forest place with lots of high rise buildings.

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FXC’s Wedding I – Pre-dinner

This is Wedding 1 @ The thing about weddings.

FXC (Female eX-Colleague) passed the wedding invitation card to BraveSafe but BraveSafe couldn’t come because 1 of her family members had passed away suddenly. Baffling about her death. So BraveSafe couldn’t go to any happy celebration (cantonese: hei si) like wedding, baby’s new birthday or senior citizen’s birthday all that – according to Chinese superstitions. In these days of modern age, a lot of people do not practice and believe this anymore (including yours truly).

I didn’t how I would go home because the wedding dinner was far. I didn’t want to ask friends and ex-colleagues who just instant message but rarely meetup and hangout.. Plus, BraveSafe asked me to “take care” of her colleague, a female, who lives near me. I thought she must be a newbie to the company / young girl.
Niki had asked repeatedly, “How are you going there? And how are you going back?” :) So sweet of her to think of my woes. “I can fetch you back larr but come time, you have to arrange with FXC.”

In the end, I asked iPay and he just replied, “Sure, just a small thing.” Phew.. I really paiseh asked him to fetch us home.

At first, FXC and I decided that I would meet her at 1 of the LRT stations and she would pick me up, we’d go to her makeup and then directly to the dinner. Before I left home, she called and asked, “Ehhh can meet at another LRT station instead ar??”

“Err… ” I mentally calculated the time because the duration to the new station was longer, “… ok kuaaaaa…”

“OK! Bye! Oh, and can you hold the video camera?”

“Err.. I’m not familiar with recording. Scared hand shake. Camera ok!”

“Mmm.. ok then you can be the photographer.”

I had to rush to the train station under the hot sun (luckily it wasn’t sorching) in long skirt and high heels! I sat down and looked down at my feet inside the train station. 2 stripes of skin (where the straps scratched) came out already like 2 flaps. Luckily, they were not deep enough for blood to spill out.. I didn’t bring any plaster, it was just uncomfortable – no biggie. Had to be really careful, walk gingerly, slowly hehe.

When I reached the station, I called FXC, “Hey, I reached already.” 15 minutes before the time agreed.

“HA?!!! YOU REACHED ALREADY?! SO FAST?!!!” she shrieked.

Waaa… she thought I was a late person eh?

“Can you wait a while? I not yet bathe! So sorry!”

“OK no problem.”

“Ahhh I think half hour… ”

“OK. Take your time.”

I thought of walking to the other side and sit under air-cond in the shopping mall but then I had to walk. So I bought NST newspaper to read and ordered food from the stall where I could sit under the shade. I was the only customer so I had my choice of red plastic chairs on equally red plastic covered tables under the red plastic cover “roof”.

Was a bit disappointed NST was thin that day but then it was not The Star – full of advertisements. I still prefer to read NST even though I hated NST sueing bloggers – I believed the bloggers did nothing wrong in comparing another editor’s work with NST’s editors! Did NST pride itself as seeking & reporting the truth?

The guy at the stall was proactive, suggested several dishes and while I ate and read, I had to brush flies away. Ick.

Then Niki called me up, “Ey, where are you?! I’m coming home already!”

“Eh? So fast?” She usually works till 11pm at office and then continues at home. Workaholic.

“Yahh for today. You want me pick you?”

“Ahhh actually I’m waiting for FXC now. I call her first and call you back!”

I called FXC and she asked, “Can wait 15 more min ar?”

“Never mind lar, take your time. Niki’s coming back already and I can go with her. After she changes, we’ll head to the dinner immediately.”

“Oooh ok. You wait there, I need to pass something to you.”

When Niki called to signal she had arrived, I walked out and saw FXC crossing the road and passed something to Niki. Then we waved and she dashed off to her makeup.

On the way, we got lost many times. Asked people and were directed to other places. Possibly we were blurred too! The restaurant was just behind us!!! We were late!!!!


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