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Organize home & clear clutter

Click for my notes - cluttered cupboardDo you have a closet bursting with clothes till the door cannot be closed and you somehow notice some sort of string dangling out? Lots of books, magazines, old mails from your childhood, leaflets from years back all thrown into the cupboard (like mine – click on the cupboard for my notes)?

Can you find space to do the things you want/need to do without pushing them away onto another location?

Are there all sorts of things in 1 location from VCD, soap to food?

When things are organized, it makes searching and keeping them easier. You’ll have more brain space to do other important things than worrying that you still have to clear up the clutter. Procrastination can be on your side or not.

Have you ever experienced trying to decide what to wear for a long time and after you’ve decided what to wear, you couldn’t find it?! So you just grab the nearest and presentable clothes and go. It’s no wonder people ask you, “Hey, you wear this again? Love this very much ar?”

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Bursa Seminar

Went for Bursa’s free seminar last Sat @ Bursa. I had registered for Bursa Saham bursapursuit Investment Challenge but had no idea how to play. Thought it would taught me how to play in Bursa Pursuit.

I took Metro bus from KL somewhere near Bangkok Bank and waited impatiently for the bus to move from waiting. Overshot Wisma Olympia (which is not known as Wisma Olympia anymore) and U-turn walked to Bursa, which was next to Olympia College. Bursa’s building was quite impressive from the outside – of course, they had to be modern and huge.

The road was empty.

I was late 1 hr (my bad) and asked the guy at the reception, “Already started?”

“Just 10 minutes ago.” He gave a bag of goodies – 2 notebooks, 1 stubby pen (smooth to write), 1 fan (the hall was not cool) and a leaflet.

I saw there were about 80+ people signed on the ‘attendance sheet’. Got into the conference room stealthily and found a seat from 2nd row @ front – had to see the screen.

I noticed the man who sat next to me had a cup of hot drink and a plate of rice, some nuggets?

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