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Bursa Seminar

Went for Bursa’s free seminar last Sat @ Bursa. I had registered for Bursa Saham bursapursuit Investment Challenge but had no idea how to play. Thought it would taught me how to play in Bursa Pursuit.

I took Metro bus from KL somewhere near Bangkok Bank and waited impatiently for the bus to move from waiting. Overshot Wisma Olympia (which is not known as Wisma Olympia anymore) and U-turn walked to Bursa, which was next to Olympia College. Bursa’s building was quite impressive from the outside – of course, they had to be modern and huge.

The road was empty.

I was late 1 hr (my bad) and asked the guy at the reception, “Already started?”

“Just 10 minutes ago.” He gave a bag of goodies – 2 notebooks, 1 stubby pen (smooth to write), 1 fan (the hall was not cool) and a leaflet.

I saw there were about 80+ people signed on the ‘attendance sheet’. Got into the conference room stealthily and found a seat from 2nd row @ front – had to see the screen.

I noticed the man who sat next to me had a cup of hot drink and a plate of rice, some nuggets?

There was a man talking about Integra software that indicates where to buy and sell on the graph. This is for newbies who are not sure when to buy and sell. Frankly, he advised, “Buy at low, sell at high.”

So why do we need the software? If you don’t want to refer to the chart, you can find out information on the risk, history, etc. He was talking about B1, bear, bull.. I was like huh? Red is bad, green is good. In investment, once it’s green and it’s early green (B1) that means it’s starting to rise up and that’s when you should buy.

He also showed some examples of stocks and several audiences asked to see the charts for the company that they are investing in.

The next speaker was an IT Director (if not mistaken) for Bursa Station. It’s another software where you can find out info, charts, company profile/history, etc. He kept repeating, “I’m not here trying to sell you this software,” like he was afraid of being accused of selling it. Unlike the earlier software from Integra, this doesn’t have any indicator to buy and sell because, “It all depends on the individual.” There are lots of points where you can buy and sell, me thinks.

What he talked about wasn’t boring (lots of hand gestures) but the man who sat next to me kept refilling his drink and a few minutes later, I heard snoring sounds. His head fell back on the chair and then suddenly jerk up, fell down. I wondered if I should nudge him because he was missing the talk. Then I thought maybe he was expert already and just came here for passing time. So I let him sleep peacefully. Soon, the sleepy feeling was contagious. I could barely open my eyes! I had slept quite late the morning before or shall I say, slept early in the morning that day. Soon, he took his stuff and left before the 2nd talk was over.

The 2nd speaker also talked about the differences between Fundamental Investing and Trading. In FI, when the stock goes down, you buy more (hoping that the price will go up and you’ll be super rich). In T, you cut your loses when the stock goes down.

After the talk, a few audiences stayed back and went to the back for food. Ooo got fried rice and mee hoon, karipap, kuih-muih, watermelon, honeydew, super small but soft donuts and ahhhh grapes (for deco) on the table.

Turned out Maybank was just beside Bursa! I didn’t have to take bus back to KL :)

The next talk is on Tues – according to the Bursa guy.

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