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FXC’s Wedding III – Language

Turned out the “girl” I was asked to arrange transport with? An auntie. Uh, a 50 sth lady. She had dyed pure black hair and quite proud that “I still mix with you youngsters.” :)

She had worked in the company for more than 10 years, if I remember correctly. Ten long years!

She asked me a question in Mandarin and I replied smoothly in Cantonese (I had lots of practice), “I don’t understand Mandarin much. What did you say?”

“Oh? You don’t know Mandarin. You go to Malay school?”

“Yes. We learnt Mandarin in POL but that was during the weekends only. And in primary school only.”

“Oh.. you should learn Mandarin. It’s very important. China, you know.”

“Yes, Mandarin’s going to be big,” iPay agreed.

“You can understand a bit Mandarin? If. I. Speak. Slow-wwwly?” Auntie asked.

“Can. It’s not about the speed but how deep.”

“Then if I speak slowly, you’ll catch the words easier, yesss,” she murmured.

“It’s not about the speed but how deep your words are,” I clarified again. It doesn’t matter how slow/fast a person speak in a language – if the receipient doesn’t understand the word/meaning, he/she couldn’t get it.

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FXC’s Wedding II – Dinner

When Niki parked the car, we saw the bride getting out of the car with full makeup but in casual clothes! Hahaha, we weren’t the only ones late!

FXC dashed in to change into the wedding gown and we saw another ex-colleague who was really jovial, funny and chatty. :D I couldn’t remember her but she remembered we had a holiday together. She looked very familiar though.. and half way through the dinner, I knew where I saw her face!

“Eh do you have any family members called Renoma?” I asked her. Renoma’s my friend in fashion retail – very young, just after SPM 1 or 2 years ago.

“Ha??? No woohhh.. why?”

“You look a lot like my friend!”

Both have super sunny disposition, always smiling, telling (stupid) jokes then laugh at their own jokes loudly, have very smooth flawless pink skin, thick lips, on the petite side and wavy hair!

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Becareful what you write

When I tried to login to WP yesterday, I was greeted with Account Suspended. Support was off duty. There was a comment to email support but that method was discouraged because the backend guys @ WP are off work during weekends – hey, they need a break too. So I decided to wait till Mon US time.

Turned out I could login already today. Wonder what happened? I had my theories – sensitive politic musings among them. I don’t have ads here.. well PASIM does but the posts are more like info than ads. I don’t even earn a cent now!

I told my mom I couldn’t login yesterday and she advised (again), “Don’t write sensitive things that can get you in trouble next time.” She warned, “Cannot get work.” She had advised this before when someone in the g o v uttered, “Bloggers must register”, news of bloggers being dragged to be investigated (read: mental & physical challenge, esp if they think you are spreading malicious rumours) and (lack of) freedom of speech.

Parents went out and when they got home, father came to me and warned/advised, “Do not write about p o l i t i c s ah! Go to jail then you know!” That’s why I don’t tell some of my opinion to mom – she would blabber to father.

It’s why we are not progressing as much as we hoped. Some people are scared of their future that they just let it go and close their eyes, hope that further injustice doesn’t touch them even though we are experiencing injustice. I know they care about my welfare. I just don’t have the same opinion as them regarding rights. You could say because some of our parents didn’t fight for our rights, we are now in this state.

But we still have the right to change for better :)


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