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Yamcha @ Kuchai Lama’s food court

if invite A,
then cannot invite B.

Unlike the previous yamcha with my fashion retail gang where practically everyone that I’m good with came, a lot of them couldn’t be reached or busy this time. Plus, there was a couple who – 2 actually – broke up and then maybe criss-crossed dated, we had more fireworks to handle.

while (hp was stolen)
{ cannot be reached

Earlier the day, I tried to contact Thong but he had lost his hp to thieves in bus! He related the event to me a few days earlier…

When he was going home, he was listening to music from his handphone. Someone pulled the ear plugs out of his ear and he turned to stare, he was shocked someone did that. Then the other guy on the other side took his handphone and a whole bunch of them left the bus in a hurry. He got down and grabbed one of them since he couldn’t recognize who steal his hp. The guy pointed at the bus, “Not us, the thief is still at the bus!”

He got back into the same bus and someone told him, “The thief got down already lah!”

He looked down at the street and those guys were gone. Along with his hp.

Those people in the bus were so terrible too! They saw the event but didn’t do anything!! If only someone shouted and others block the thieves!

Thong just bought the new hp for 1 month only. He was heart broken.

After explaining the event to me, he slammed a shirt onto the counter declaring, “Heya, I don’t want to use hp anymore lar! No need to contact me!”

The similar thing happened to my other IT colleague. He was sleeping and wokeup hp-less in Komuter. Like me, he had no idea who steal his hp. He even reported to the police but the police replied, “There’s nothing we can do. Just be careful next time.”


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