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Where’s the interviewer?

Position: Property Exec
Company: Local
Field: Real estate, sales, admin
Industry: Real estate
Location: In a hotelroom!

Going up

I had an interview at a property management company and the office was inside a shopping mall attached with business suites, apartment and hotel rooms! In fact, when I pressed on the office’s floor, the small screen displayed “Not accessible to public”* above the floor buttons. So I asked the security guard at the reception and he explained, “Oh mesti ada pass naik (must have pass to go up).

I explained that I had interview there.

He used his own identity security card to take me up and lead me through the hotel rooms. I was thinking, “Weird.” Office in the hotelroom?

At the end of the aisle, there was a small desk with a Malay guy. There were 2 rooms with doors ajar. The security guard told the guy, “Interview. Mana (where)?” He pointed right, then left.

The security guard wasn’t sure either but he stood up and looked inside the right room, “Ada (Got) interview.”

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