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Chinese wedding

This is Wedding 2 @ The thing about weddings.

Someone volunteered to fetch me there but another friend called, “Don’t know how to go there.”

So I suggested that we meet somewhere and he fetch me, we go together. He immediately agreed. Bet he was waiting for me to volunteer that. Actually I was following the map provided in the greeting card too.

We both got lost and rounded the area x3, turned in wrongly and u-turned back. Finally found the place but it took us 2.5 turns for parking – we didn’t want to walk so far and decided to find space nearer to the restaurant but there wasn’t any! He missed a turning to the parking and had to u-turn again to find a space.

The doorbell guy opened the glass door but we saw a man’s back in suit. Friend exclaimed, “OMG, that’s our man!”

We immediately stepped back. Our man started singing, like a singer in concert! Whoa… what an opening to his wedding dinner!

Waited till he walked away from that area – luckily nobody saw us because he was standing in a staircase. The lights were off helped too but we couldn’t find our friends and colleagues anywhere!

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Judging people

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

That’s to avoid judging someone based on the physical appearance which is applicable when the physical appearance and internal (intelligence, emotions, spiritual, etc) don’t match up to the same level. What about judging people for what they do, what they are?

Someone told me, “I just don’t judge people.”

Really? I don’t believe that’s even true 1%. Because everyone judges everyone else (and ourselves) up to a certain point. Do you think you are smart? Why? Are you talented in kicking the ball? How accurate are you at estimating the stock price for next week? Are you a teacher? When are you going to finish your 5th PhD?


We see rapists, murderers as bad people. We judged their actions of taking other people’s rights as a violation and thus, their actions speak of their character and behaviour. Would you say they had done bad things but they are good people? In what situation? Just because they were raped or witnessed a murder when they were younger and now are on a twisted revenge? What if a murderer was just an ordinary person before he committed a murder – he had never deliberately hurt others and himself?


We judged Mother Theresa and Gandhi to be kind people for what they sacrificed and the charities and life improvements they did for other people (and themselves). To whom? Certainly the children looked up to them – they were helped by these people. Did they help terrorists (who also have their own family) and greedy corporations?

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