Grandmother’s birthday

As with every year, my aunties and uncles, cousins and nephews would meet up for my grandmother’s birthday. Without fail, we would gather earlier before dinner so that the older generations could gamble. The younger generations (cousins & I) and my mom (she doesn’t gamble mahjong or cards) would hangout somewhere else like the nearest mall. Now that the Cousins are dating, left mom and I. We had said that we would yamcha among cousins but since they are dating, they have no time for yamcha. Unless I get a boyfriend – then we can have triple date yamcha.

This time (and uh, previous times too), father dropped mom and I off beside the bridge, then he and grandmother went off to GambleHappyLand. I wanted to check out Herbal Line (or Life?) in IOI Mall. G swore, “It makes my skin sooooooooo much better,” he touched his face gently, “and it’s cheap!” I almost went in till I noticed the place did not have any brochure holder at all. Bare walls except for the company logo and a huge reception desk with another small table. I still have my cleanser & moisturizers..

At the Popular bookstore, I read a book by a fengshui master (or sth) on Palm Lines. Forgot the title or the author but he was bald or had those old style Chinese hair. I didn’t really believe in palmistry – or my interpretation on recognizing the signs to be more precise. I found there were 2 really true things about me in the book:

  1. I would leave if I’m not satisfied at work
  2. I am doing several things at the same time (working at dayjob and selling in De Mystic Box)

While window shopping, I told mom, “I saw towel at RM30 at Parkson and it was big and fluffy nice!” We had seen Jusco and I fell in love with a light gold thick towel RM49. I thought I’d request it when friends ask, “What do you want for your birthday?” but I forgot I wanted that!

We went over to the bathroom section and found RM15.90 thick, big towel! Not as thick as the one I loved but it was close! RM16 only!

I wouldn’t buy another towel but my loyal purple towel had a black patch. Fungus. Ew. I didn’t notice it actually… must be months already! I still remember how I got that towel.

After SPM, I worked at a nearby mall and 1 of my friends/colleagues who worked there had a promotion for Christmas or CNY: Buy sth and get free towel. Some of her customers didn’t want the towel so she passed to us! Or maybe she didn’t inform the customers at all… I had been using that towel for 10 years! Ooooo my love! I guess I could still use it – just cut out the fungus patch.

Had a craving for spicy food and wished we would eat different types of food (2 tables for us) and what do you know? I had my wish without taking the food order! When we reached there, 2nd Aunt had already ordered the food and we had 4 different dishes, 2 for each table.

The older generation table and a young generation family had milder food while we had asam curry seafood, Japanese tau fu, marmite chicken (which tasted like Coke chicken), mee, etc. Nice and different from previous years dishes.

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