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Dept Dinner Xmas 2007

The dinner was held on a Fri so those who had to stay at office were grumbling, “Where got time to prepare? How can I change?” There were Best Dressed for males & females. Most of us wore casual clothes & didn’t bother to bring a change of clothes.A flamboyant and loud engineer complained loudly when my colleague asked him to go onsite for a case, “Ah, tak mau! Nanti dinner! Saya tak mau pegi! Cari orang lain lah!” Unfortunately for him, he was the pager holder – meaning the 1st contact person to go onsite would be him & customer insisted on getting the onsite that evening. He’s the drink king in our dept – always “dui jao” & entertaining (he performed strip show before).

Early birds get a freebie in a metal box. Turned out everyone got 1 – it was the Lucky Number.

Lucky Number 87
Lucky Number 87

It’s actually a USB thumbdrive with 2 lights – laser red light (handy for getting someone’s attention and training) & bright white light (handy for looking for row & seat in cinema but then who would bring thumbdrive to the cinema).

BraveSafe couldn’t find her name so she was a bit bummed she couldn’t get the freebie. When Jolly, sort of the guard and cases – actually I have no idea what his position is – he’s always standing at the lobby chatting & greeting people but he knows about cases sometimes. Cases, for us, stands for issues that customers reported to us. Where was I? When Jolly asked me, “How is it?” I told him that BraveSafe couldn’t find her name even though we had searched all the name list.

He got 1 of the organizers and they found her name! Registered reverse for First & Last Name. It’s a common misunderstanding – First Name in English, Tamil & Bahasa Malaysia refers to your name & the Last Name refers to family surname but for Chinese names, the surname is the First word.

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (8)

Jolly’s like a Santa Claus. Such a big (old) man & still got to sit on Santa’s thigh. They look like brothers here, yes?

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (1)
Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (1) – fish & fish

Tasted soft but smelled fishy still. The hall was full of chandelier – that’s why the picture appeared yellowish.

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (2)

Potatoes & chicken. OMG. If this is how Americans eat, it’s no wonder they feel so bloated & can get fat so fast! I passed a piece of chicken to my neighbour & I still couldn’t finish 3/4 of this.

Among the lucky draw was Swatch watch! I wanted a slim watch! Funky & chunky Swatch would do too – if I got it free :D

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (5)

I didn’t win it. I didn’t win anything that night! But that’s ok, someone else got the prizes & they seemed happy.. Oh well, better luck next time!

Besides comedy stand up by 1 of the best comedian in Malaysia and a band singing old songs (for the mature ppl hehe), the organizers also got a group of voluptous ladies to sing & dance. Actually there were guy dancers but who would look at them when the ladies were so expressive?

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (4)
1 of us got too high & climbed onto a table to grind hips like Shakira.

Nah, it was 1 of the dancers. She was wearing about 4inches of high heels. We were awed.

I like the bracelet. Gonna make one next time with Swarovski Crystal AB.

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (6)

Those guys drank like there was no tomorrow. It was 1 of those times where they thought, “WTH, company pays us so low, now it’s the time for revenge. DRINK MORE THAN I CAN HANDLE till I pass out!”

Since BraveSafe drank red wine, I didn’t drink any in case I had to drive. But after that, I realized my driving license had expired anyway! Duh..

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (3)

The graceful, sexy dancers. A colleague sitting at the back of the hall didn’t know they were “converted”. It was enough watching them mime the songs & dance – it was so real.

They didn’t have to push their breasts onto the guys face. She needn’t grab the guy’s hands to cup her breasts. They are females now, so please don’t cheapen the females, ok?! Respect yourself. You don’t need the men’s approval or their sexual attention to be proud of yourself.

The guy who got to touch the breasts said, “They are very hard.” He knocked on his chair. Hard like the chair?

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (9)

Dept Dinner Xmas 2007 (7)
Someone didn’t wear long lasting lipstick. Someone got a kiss. At least he didn’t get a love bite from 1 of the vampiyah-guys :P

Several guys got drunk & passed out. I should’ve gotten a marker to practice my art :) and taken pics of them to blackmail in the future.

Gem’s wedding II

Since we were late, there were only fried rice and mee hoon left. There were gravy and sauces for curry chicken, some vege mix and oh, the best part was – look look vendor! We’d eat the main meal, then go for look look!

BraveSafe and I shared – I forced her to share with me – a bowl of ice kacang which had a few those green strings, a spoon of black cubes and all ice! The cute young girl working part time was very friendly and had wide shy smiles but alas, not enough ingredients. She smiled apologically and pointed to a bowl, “Only left 1 bowl of black cubes.”

Gem wedding (1)
Look, no more Look Look :(

I decided to go for look look and was shocked. Only a few plates left. All not to my taste.. We even had to tip the huge container to the front for the orange juice to get it out :)

But that was ok because we had lots of entertainment from colleagues!

This Gem looks like Amber Chia but she revealed, “I don’t know who she is.”

Gem wedding (2)
The last page in the autograph book

The other guys were so bad – they forced 2 petite guys to take pic with a petite girl.

DHL had to eat Panadol – she suddenly had tooth ache. So we had to leave early instead of going for 2nd round yamcha with other guys. On the way back, DHL and another Jinjang guy guided BraveSafe. I hit the snooze once I sat in her car ;) and woke up to see Kajang Tol!

The Jinjang guy was directing BraveSafe confidently to the longer (wrong) way. Haha. DHL was quite angry that we had to detour and pay tols but Jinjang guy thought honestly that was the right way.

Goh’s wedding @ Marco Polo Restaurant

There are people who insist on getting invitation card by the couple in a face-to-face meeting. I, on the other hand, do not mind getting online invitation. It’s just a card that I would recycle after a week after the wedding.

This Goh said he would personalize my card. I thought he would write my name on the card and scan it, then email to me. He used Photo editor to just add names into a scanned card. Come to think of it, he can just buy a card or create one himself. Then use Photo editing applications to change names, etc. Maybe someone will send MMS/SMS and that’s the invitation card. You must show the MMS/SMS to get into the wedding hall.

It was listed 7pm SHARP. Malaysia. Drizzling an hour before 7pm. I insisted on reaching there at 7pm SHARP because it’s someone’s important event.

I was among the first to reach at 7pm.

I asked Goh, “Got handsome in my table?”

He nodded, “Got, a lot!”


He nodded firmly.

Another younger guy with his same height & similar features guided me to my table. His bro probably.

Goh's wedding - early bird
Goh’s wedding – early bird

In the small wedding dinner hall, only a table was full – I assumed Goh’s relatives. No. 5. 1 of my lucky numbers haha. Surprisingly, I was seated at a quite front & middle table :D Could see action clearly later.

I looked around. I went to the washroom. I rearranged my hair. I checked my handphone for unread sms. Drafts. Sent. Cleared outbox.

I read the menu twice, I rearranged the utensils and took pic. I looked around. Not a familiar face. That was expected since I only knew a few of the guests – when we had been through a few days & nights together in company workshop a few years back.

Goh's wedding - choc
I sipped the hot hot tea and ate the chocolate. China made?

Goh's wedding - choc unwrapped
Goh’s wedding – choc unwrapped

Not too sweet :) hard though.

Decided to go out to The Weld. Empty except for a few shops that were still opened! When I came back to the hall, my seat was taken. Several people starred at me and I starred at these strangers. Oh… It wasn’t “Oh, you! Happy to see you!” but more to “Oh, hi.. what are you doing now?”

8.30pm and the lights dimmed. 8.30!

Goh's wedding - disco light
Goh’s wedding had disco light! Shocking. The colours looked brighter & lighter in actual than this pic.

Goh's wedding - braised shark's fin soup
Goh’s wedding – braised shark’s fin soup

I didn’t and still don’t know how to differentiate real and fake (some say made of plastic, vege, fish) sharkfin. This shark’s fin soup had dried scallop & seafood too. It’s so cruel to just kill a shark for the fin. I was torn between eating it (why waste food?) and not (why support killing shark?).

Goh's wedding - studio pic
Goh’s wedding – studio pic

Hehe. I grabbed a picture. 2 actually. Shhh… Like the bright colours here.

The dai kam je was a hands-flamboyant guy. He asked us, “You want to see some action?”

Several shouted, “Yes!”

He asked the groom, “How much you love her?”

“A lot.”

“How much is a lot.”

“A lot a lot.”

“How much is a lot a lot?”

“How much you want?”

“Show us some sincerity. So that we all lam.”


“OK.. you kiss until they stop clapping.”

So everyone started clapping hard and they kissed.

“Eh.. must suck a bit,” the guy made his lips puckered up.

LOL. More clappings.

The rest of the menu was very normal in Chinese wedding dinner. Aside from the Hors D’oeuvres (whoa, big words) 5 Seasons, the dessert & soup were something different.

Goh's wedding - dessert & soup
Goh’s wedding – dessert & soup

The left side plate had light green fillings (kaya-paste-like) inside the fish and I had no idea what the other brown biscuit had inside except it was hard & too big for my mouth. The soup had sweetened white fungus, ginseng (!) & longan. It was my 1st time and the ginseng added a clear sweet-bitter taste which was quite nice.

Though there were times I cracked my brain thinking what to say during silent times, I had enjoyed myself there. Some of the people looked familiar yet I couldn’t remember where I had seen them.

Got a few gorgeous guys in OTHER tables. PotatoGal told me, “Aiiyo, no time already. Faster go take action! HAHAHA!”


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