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Performance != salary

For the first few days of work, it was a breeze to relearn the applications & processes. Then 1 of us resigned because there was no way he could get promoted up unless someone leave. So, the remaining people in the team had to take his work load. I took the more volume, another colleague took the lesser volume but more high end support.

By the end of my contract of 2 months plus, the outsourced HR company passed envelopes of salary slip & renew contract document to my team lead. Team Lead passed the envelopes to us all, not the outsourced HR company. ON THE LAST DAY OF THE CONTRACT!

This has got to be the worst HR company I’ve encountered! No forms of evaluation. No 1 to 1 with us for contract renewal. Even the payslip is printed from normal printer with no info on EPF & SOCSO.

What did the HR company hope by giving the renew contract to us on the last day? So that we’d have no choice but to sign it?

When my manager had a 1 to 1 with me (he’s perm, not under this outsourced co), I told him, “I’m disappointed.”

The way I saw it, I should be getting at least 1/3 of my colleague’s (who left) + my salary. Plus, I’ll be doing another job middle of this month if another staff comes in. That job will have higher responsibility & I get *2 fingers together* only?! Don’t expect me to put in more effort than needed.

Was tempted to just stop working here but manager put it like this, “You just joined, how can I add so much salary for you? You have to show you can do it, then I’ll add.”

Ha ha. Even he himself said I was doing good for my current position now but I got what?

That HR company gets the commission and what does it do? Sure, it banks in salary on the expected date but that’s all. If the company where I’m based at were to pay us directly (even with a bit deduction for it’s own HR), I’d be happier & more motivated to think of ways to improve myself & the dept.

Seriously, companies maybe damning themselves when they outsource to pathetic HR companies. They (companies) think “Oh, I don’t want to care about this” or “I want to save money” and so they pass the HR management to outsource companies. Unfortunately for them, whatever problems that outsource companies & outsource staffs do come back & reflect badly on the company which outsource.

When companies do not care about their staffs, staffs wouldn’t care about the company too. *shrug* Too bad!

If companies take care of their own staffs by setting the right expectation, periodic evaluation, respect them, provide benefits equivalent to their jobs & give them room to grow following their interests, staffs would want to stay & perform the best for the companies.

Let’s hope the situation improves with more opportunities for everyone & the company to excel & be rewarded.


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