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Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark
The box is pretty. Can store jewelleries & small gifts.

Peppermint Bark
Crunched Peppermint, creamy vanilla & luscious dark choc

Each bar is wrapped in plastic. They are both super hard. Have to use the heavy big knife to chomp them.

SUPER sweet. I prefer the dark choc (coz it’s not so sweet) but the vanilla’s ok too. Some cool peppermint in both bars.

Reese’s Big Cup

Bro got back from US and bought over RM200 of chocolate from there!

He had stored all of them in the fridge and I, being a good person I am, ahem, didn’t eat them up without asking him. Since I was tired and had been fed lots of good food at work, I had no intention of eating his choc. Unless he invited me to, of course ;)

When I got home one evening, mom rushed to me and gushed, “You must try this chocolate! Got peanut and chocolate! I already ate one!” Choc peanut high.

I love peanut cookies – especially those soft round peanut coin-like and French Toast with peanut butter! Unfortunately, I usually get pimples after that…

Bro came back and he screamed, “WHO OPEN MY CHOC?!”


Ho. Shit.

Since the pack was already opened, he didn’t want to give to his friend anymore – said it wouldn’t be good to give something that is already opened. On the other hand, mom said, “Why not? I only took one, still got so many.”

Reese's Big Cup
Super heroes type font with “PACKS SOME SERIOUS PEANUT BUTTER!”

Reese's Big Cup
Oh God. Milk choc. Sugar. Fat. Cocoa Butter. Milk. Choc. Fat. More sugar, fat.

Reese's Big Cup
3/4 choc & 1/4 peanut butter in the middle, inside. Oooo…

It’s not sickening sweet but still quite sweet for me. 1 “tart” is enough. Good to lick..

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