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Chinese New Year is all about food

Got home and found a box of yellow-gold wrapped rectangle box on the table. From my “cousin” and insurance agent. That’s how insurance agent or salespeople maintain relationship with customers.

A cute, small angpao too!

Huiyo, comes with Quality Seal!

The types of choc

Whoa… mouth watering yes? Those mix white & choc looked delicious.

I opened it.

A lump of sh choc

How would you eat this? Use finger lah!

Then there are the food bought for guests (and ourselves) as well as gifts from others. In the Chinese tradition, it’s politeness to bring a gift when you go to someone’s home. Likewise, when someone gives you a gift, you should reply with another gift to that person. It’s like exchanging gifts.

To those cynical, why waste time, effort & money to exchange gifts? You give me Mandarin Orange, I give you back Mandarin Orange. So? I don’t give you, you don’t need to give me! :p

In the abundance concept, money and things are to be spreaded around & they will come back in other ways.

Chou mai beng (rice cake)
Chou mai beng (rice cake)

Chou kai si beng (mini spring roll)
Chou kai si beng (mini spring roll)

cashew nut
Cashew nuts

Shu fun beng (capioca flour biscuit)
Shu fun beng (capioca flour biscuit)

Pistachio nuts
Pistachio nuts

M’s birthday @ The Gardens 2007

We celebrated her birthday almost 1 month later at her suggested location – Madam Kwan. The local food there are almost 3x mamak or economical restaurant but you get a different atmosphere & deco.

I walked around Mid Valley to shop for CNY and then looked for public phone to call either M or Lynnee but the damn phone was faulty! They couldn’t hear me, I could hear them. That’s the problem with no more credit on handphone..

So I waited for them to call me & as it turned out, M & Lynnee were already there, inside Madam Kwan! & I thought Lynnee was on the way. I stood right outside the restaurant, looking down at the large tv screen fair and posing haha.

M birthday 2007
Otak-otak – surprisingly tasty & soft

The cucumber was very hard – for me anyway. I had a hard time trying to bite it – dentist had tightened my teeth the day before. I was grimacing but didn’t want to give up eating it. After all, must balance hot (spicy chicken) with cool (cucumber) food.

Kawa was going to be late so we ordered first. He said he had never been to Madam Kwan before. We were really hungry but M & Lynnee’s ordered dessert still hadn’t come.

The service was slow and not flexible. When M wanted to exchange the chicken in the Nasi Bojari with the chicken from Nasi Lemak, paying Nasi Bojari’s price but the staff (possibly the mgr or higher post) disallowed in halting, broken English. So in the end, both of us had Nasi Lemak and Lynnee had Bojari.

M birthday 2007
Nasi lemak x2

They weren’t as tasty as I remembered… Again, I couldn’t finish it & asked Kawa’s help but he was too full too.

Lynnee’s fav *blow out air*
M birthday 2007
Sambal belacan

I remember my maternal grandma loved to eat belacan. I would help her peel off the skin/shell after school in the home kitchen. It didn’t smell so bad but I just have no preference for belacan. Luckily Lynnee had become a bigger eater & she wiped the plates (her Nasi Bojari & 99.9% of Sambal Belacan) clean. *slurp*

After that we walked around The Gardens Borders and some cool gift shops. Then we had another round – feet was hurting already from walking.

Couldn’t decide where to drink, so we went to the food court but there wasn’t a comfortable place to sit – a lot of people were there.

Then we saw Paddington House of Pancakes and Lynnee and I suddenly perked up. We had eaten at Paddington before and the food was yummy & full! The problem was it had too many offering and we took a long time to decide what to eat/drink.

M birthday 2007
The drinks – that’s not a fly in the reddish drink.

We couldn’t stuff anything solid into our stomach, drinks would do. I forgot what they had but my raspberry + mango (I think) was creamy, tasty and I hoped my eyesight improved haha.

I felt like taking Paddington’s menu home. The menu’s like a thick book with coated pages of bright crepes, waffles, drinks and desserts. They have main menu too but those perfect round grapes, bloody red strawberries… simply gorgeous & mouth watering.


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