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Sex pictures in computer

This is not even new – taking pictures while having sex – but the Chinese media is having a field day with Edison Chen sex scandal with several famous celebrities. Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and countless public figures had experienced this before and they didn’t try to commit suicide or quit the entertainment business. But then, the Chinese are certainly more conservative than Americans.

Guys wondered how did he get to sleep with so many beautiful girls (and women) and they were green with envy. People wondered why the girls were so trusting (or stupid) to let him take their sex pictures together.

But it’s their relationship (or 1 night stand, whatever). It’s their private lives that got out of hand to the public.

As if innocent looking girls are virgins or sexily dressed girls are harlots! Puh lease! Like guys who appear as family men or squeaky clean are really that!


Working in IT company, my colleagues – those technicians who fix hardwares offered suggestions:

“Delete all “bad” files from your computer before you send the computer to service center. Why still put personal things there?”

Another pondered, “Maybe PC couldn’t even start or load, so can’t backup or delete.”

“Ahh.. that’s why, must use encryption and password for certain files & folders!”

“Yes, WinZip can put password!”

“But I can just download WinZip password extractors from internet.”

“No, you put more than 8 characters of password, those free password extractors only extract up to 8 characters maximum.”

“Unless you pay for the it.”

“WinRar’s better. Not that many people use it.”

WinZip comes together with Microsoft’s Windows Operating Systems usually.

“Haa.. now with Windows Vista it’s even easier to find pictures and videos directly haha!”

“That’s why.. the 1st thing technicians look are music, pictures & videos. So put anything you don’t want anyone to see in My Documents because that’s the least suspected folder. Besides, not many people use My Documents but create own folders from root drive(s).”

“Aiya, the solution is NOT to take sex pictures lah!”

8 thoughts on “Sex pictures in computer

  1. Yeah – sex tapes business is really popular in America.

    Kinda hard to see whether people are doing it on purpose or whether its accidental.

    I still believe that its all intentional and people are buying into it all the time and making fools of themselves. Just my opinion, though.


  2. Deleting does nothing to rid your computer of any files. They are still there waiting to be found by your friendly computer fixet man. There is rescue software all over the place that can find so called ‘deleted’ files. They only go away if they are deleted and over written. Smash your hard drive with a hammer if you want to delet with ‘expteem prejudice’.


  3. You call it sex pictures but it is also known as art, maybe for the lonely guy on his own in the office all day, as a screen saver, dont get me wrong am not saying it is good to keep those things on your pc at any time, and who needs them anyway, why not have a nice bowl of fruit to look at…. well no doubt i will hear from you for this.. : )


  4. Recommends not to digitalize your private things. I think that every digitalized information have a possibility to be exposed to the public. Anyway, I feel so sorry for that Chinese.


  5. íf die die must take the photos, can take, but once taken, have take extra care with them. Even after being deleted, there are ways to undelete files (program such as restorer2000 is a perfect for it!) that does not need super expert to know punya.


  6. SWT… I’m a computer technician myself. And Yes, I admit it I would try to look at pictures files or music files if I found the owner of the computer is quite beautiful.

    Human nature.~~~~


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