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You pay, I pay

For Car’s birthday, BraveSafe and I wanted to treat her at Bangsar Village 2. Somehow we met up with iPay and had yamcha at the food court.

BraveSafe told iPay again,  “Come with us. We go eat dinner celebrate Car’s birthday.”

iPay said, “I got dinner already with family.”

He paused for awhile.

“But if u dare to drive me, I’ll go,” he said.

“WAHHHHHHHHHHH! I DRIVE AH?! NO PROBLEM!” BraveSafe bellowed, sat taller.

I handed out my right palm to iPay. “Give her your car key first!”

“OK, to show that I’m sincere..” he fished out his car key.

“HA?! This is your car key?” BraveSafe took the key from him, dangling it. “SO BIG?!”

I reasoned, “Big car, big key..”


“I sure dare to drive you lah!” BraveSafe said loudly but without confidence.

“Drive my car woh,” iPay replied slowly.

“Nevermind, she dare to drive!” I defended (too loud) for Brave Safe.

“Oh,” BraveSafe said at the same time. She lowered her head.

As we were walking back to our block to get our stuff but iPay was still on the phone, I turned to them, “So he’s coming?”

“Uh, I thought he was joking?” BraveSafe asked me back, baffled.

“You thought he was serious?” Car asked me.

“Of course not!” I thought he was dead serious about joining us for dinner but of course he would not letting BraveSafe drive his new car.

Car didn’t want something too expensive like the Chinese Restaurant. We could eat desserts for main meal but BraveSafe & iPay must have rice. In the end, we walked the whole of Bangsar Village looking for a place to eat & settled for Sakae Sushi, which all of us had eaten before.

After eating, iPay walked to the cashier & paid it before we could stop him (again). When we wanted to pay him back for our share except Car, he pushed our $ away.

BraveSafe & I had wanted to pay him back during working hours but I kept getting more cases to handle. We both didn’t have time to see him. When I reached office earlier, I went to his floor but he wasn’t there yet. When I had finished my work & went to his cube, he had already left the building. Doi!

So today I managed to passed $ to him, directly onto his table muttering, “If you don’t accept this, we’ll treat Car again.”

He looked up and said, “Eh, don’t want!” He grabbed the $ and stood up.

I was faster, I walked out of his floor as fast as I could. As I swiped my card, I turned back and saw him behind me, smiling. Thank goodness he wasn’t angry. Damn, taller guy & longer legs!

I ran out of the area into the ladies washroom, “HA! HA!” He couldn’t come into the washroom. I deliberately delayed my time in the washroom. When I opened the door, I opened it slowly and gingerly walked out – lest he was still lurking around!

When I sat at my cube after my lunch was over, I saw the $ below my notebook.

Money for donation

The best place to ask for donation is to stand outside the bank or ATM.

If you are withdrawing or depositing money, you’ll feel terrible because you have easy access to $ for yourself. And the person asking for donation.

Usually I just say, “Thanks” if sales people approach me for donation. How do you differentiate who is salesperson and volunteer? Ask them. Do they get salary under another company? Usually a charity organization outsource the getting donation part to another marketing & customer service company. Else, you can call the organization to double confirm.

While going to the bank in town, a crippled man (stunted arms) spoke in Mandarin, holding a packet of dark colour sticks. I was hungry and wanted to get money ASAP so I ignored him. Coming out of the bank, I walked past him but he still call out to my back. Here I am with full limbs and healthy body only shook my head at him, didn’t even want to hear what he wanted to offer. Felt bad. I, fully able, didn’t get everything easy but had lots of help on the way.. how hard it would be for him to survive without a proper job?

So I turned back and he waved the plastic packet with sticks inside. Pens.

“How much?” I asked him back.


I took out my new crisp RM50 and he handed RM10 x 4 to me. Then he used his stunted arm with a few short fingers (not 5, if my eyes saw correctly) to take out folded RM1.

He asked me to check if they were RM1 x5.

I smiled at him in embarassment because I had full grown arms and fingers but had to balance my wallet, the pen and calculate the notes. Right, RM5.

Now I have a lot of pens at home but RM10 wasn’t a lot for charity. Those pen were probably worth RM3 from wholesale price but what can you get from RM7? For homeless, RM7 can probably last for 2 days meal.

iPay spent RM300 at the most recent gambling. He lost donated to Mr Lim @ Genting.

RM300 can watch 30 movies in a year. 30 movies / 12 months = 2.5 movies / month! I don’t think I watch that movies in a year at RM10 / ticket… but it’s fun for some people. Whatever works to be happy!


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