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Saturday exercising-shopping

Don’t know why Estee Lauder’s sale in Renaissance Hotel is named as Estee Lauder Staffs Sale. Certainly a lot of the staffs are unable to go to Renaissance Hotel just for the day to buy Estee Lauder companies products as they are in shopping mall persuading (or being bitchy) you to buy the products. Furthermore, internal staffs can always buy the company’s product at staff prices every month & on new products.

Last night, I thought of going to this Sale but I didn’t have the entrance pass. Apparently, it was valid for 1 person only. Then I had stomache in the middle of the night & slept late. Surprisingly, today I woke up way earlier than my working days!

Mayhap I was thinking of going to the sale in my sleep.. :)

Mom had never been to any warehouse sale before except the Guardian & Giordano ones. So she wanted to see what it’s about. Actually her eye cream from Estee Lauder is going to finish & she wanted to buy another before it runs out.

Car also just bought a EL cleanser but from Singapore’s airport – duty free. It was cheaper RM20 compared to Malaysia’s retail price. Guess it’s not much cheaper but still better than nothing.

When we reached KL Sentral, we waited for almost 1/2hr for the RapidKL B105 to KLCC. It would stop directly in front of Renaissance Hotel. Mom lamented that we could’ve taken train to KLCC & walk to Renaissance Hotel but I insisted that would be detrimental to health when we had to walk with all the smoke from cars! Exercising in polluted areas is worse than not exercising at all!

We yakked till we missed the bus stop & had to walk all the way back to Renaissance Hotel. :( Almost got dust into my contact lensed eyes. If you wear contact lenses, you’ll know that the eyes are more sensitive & it hurts when dust creeps in. Or mascara & eyeshadow flakes. *blink blink blink* Remind me to get sunshades. Yesterday!

Unlike other warehouse sales, this one wrapped your wallet as well for security!

Usually warehouse sales products are sold at 50% discount. Including this one. Unfortunately, no more skincare except from Clinique & Origins. Was tempted to get a set of spa scrub from Origins… The smallest booth had to be Bobbi Brown!

Estee Lauder Beautiful Love
Estee Lauder Beautiful Love
– a spinoff from best seller Beautiful

There were Estee Lauder coffret sets on Beautiful Love, Pure White Linen, miniatures (in a set) & roll ons (or spray rolls?). Quite worth it (at least 30%) as it includes a large size fragrance, at least 1 body lotion & a vial for travelling. Handy. Guess I am a sucker for EL’s advertising & packaging. Not sure if EL changed the notes in the fragrances but they don’t smell the same as I remembered!

There were limited colours for MAC lipsticks & eyeshadow, if you compare to the vast colours in retail.

Even Tommy Hilfiger had a few tubes of True Star body lotion, that’s all! DKNY Delicious was there but not the best selling green ones.

Spotted a cow fur like pouch from Origins. At least, it looked that way to me from far. A few skincare products from Lab Series. No guys there. The guys that I saw hanging around were buying fragrances. Females’ fragrances!

I take back my word. Bobbi Brown was not the smallest area. Aramis was. A few fragrance bottles only.

Eh? I didn’t see any Michael Kors!

After paying my purchases, which was the fastest in all warehouse sales I had been, we got down to the mainroad & saw a RapidKL bus. Mom got all excited. Not because we just missed the bus. She still wanted to walk all over from Renaissance Hotel to Sogo! OMG! She’s crazy!

“It’s VERY near only!” she claimed.

Yeah. Like somethings that parents tell you, they are NOT right.

The traffic was even higher than the walk from nearby KLCC to Renaissance Hotel. When we left the hotel, we were hungry. By the time we reached Sogo, we were famished & tired! At least she was satisfied with her walk in the polluted area. Don’t know what she thinks. Ugh.

We wanted to eat Manhattan Fish Market but it was not in the Ground Floor anymore! We thought it had closed down & opted for Four Leaves. Luckily, once we reached LG, we checked out Sushi King – where was it? A red yellow logo was at the front. Oooo Manhattan Fish Market!

The Baked Dory rice was delicious! Granted, it was in smaller portion & more expensive than the previous time we ate it months ago but we were so hungry we didn’t care. Mmm… mmm :9 The deco was new & comfortable too.

We went over to EL’s counter but it doesn’t list any price on the products. Isn’t it 1 of the rules of commerce?


Had thought of cataloging my stuff but that’s just too much work – I’d lose interest 1/2 way! Once I started taking pics of clothes, I wondered if I should donate them coz I don’t wear them as much as I hoped to & they don’t look nice in pictures haa.

Been wanting to get another pair of sandals. Vincci came out with velvet sandals with thick velvet wrapped “strings” & Nose with cheap wrinkled plastic looking “strings”.

At that time, I couldn’t get my size from Vincci but it was at 50%! Then I searched high & low at other branches but I couldn’t find my size. In the end, I bought the Nose sandal which was comfortable. Except when I have to walk on stairs. *cringe* Super loud clapping sounds! I was embarassed to walk, had to walk gingerly and carefully to avoid making loud noises.

Vincci black velvet sandals

It’s not like I can find many sandals that I like, I prefer them thick soles for comfort. When I saw Vincci had sale again previously, I grabbed the sandals even though they were at 20% & not 50%. I wondered why the discount rate was different? Perhaps the company decided to produce another batch of sandals of the same models, so technically, they are new? Or it’s Vincci’s practice not to follow gradual discount?

Then a few weeks after that, I didn’t have any intention of buying anymore shoes but heck, who misses a trip to the shoe outlets? Wooo oo, I saw lots of pink, yellow-beidge and black shoes with gold buckles. 50%!

Vincci pink flower shoes

Tacky? The pattern reminds me of LV’s design. Still, the design made me happy – reminds me of flowers & innocence.

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