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Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ 1 Utama

I’d passed by the outlet many times but uninterested after peeking at the tiny chocolate pieces’ prices. It’s almost 1 meal’s price! After the free movie from company (thank you, boss²), I decided to try out Chocolate. 1 of my old classmates (he’s not that old though he surrended and claimed he’s old already) praised… Continue reading Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ 1 Utama


Vampire Knight Episode 5

I have a new addiction: Vampire Knight anime :) It’s funny and the graphics are like watching a movie. Yuuki so sweet to help Zero Zero stunned by a piece of jewellery Yuuki’s father (Chairman of Cross Academy) looks like a young lady & he’s very idealistic. A former Vampire Hunter, he now hopes to… Continue reading Vampire Knight Episode 5

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Grandmother hospitalized

Grandmother used to live with her eldest daughter and took care of her grandsons, 1 who is kind & the other incredibly clever. She had been getting sick with diabetes and high blood pressure but never put herself into strict diet. Living in a flat, she had thrown tantrums when aunt couldn’t bring the things… Continue reading Grandmother hospitalized

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Outrageous robbers

A few months back, my street & neighbouring street had break ins. Repeatedly & consecutively! Brother’s camping stick is handy now. Now, where was Gem’s cyan whistle given to me on a New Year’s Eve? The robbers would just break into the home even when there were people inside the home. We were fed up… Continue reading Outrageous robbers