Niki’s birthday

A few months back, Niki treated us to home cooked meals at her apartment! A first! Home cooked meals woh! Plus, it was her birthday!

She also invited her colleague, whom YW had met before.

Like most times, YW came to fetch me from somewhere coz he doesn’t know how to go to my home even after many times fetching me back!

When we reached her pad, we found many products from her company in the kitchen, living room & her bedroom! Whooaaa.. lucky gal! From air-cond to the new food heater, her home is filled with her company’s products.

She proudly presented her electronic appliances and demonstrated the function as she would in a marketing & press conference! We just wanted to eat and we went “Oooo ahhhh so cool!” Imagine getting your company’s products & you don’t have to return it! Yeah, I have a handheld but it doesn’t have calling capabilities *hint hint*

After we ate the delicious vege, fish & kimchi – she’s a Korean born into a Malaysian body, we had chilled wine. Or tried to. We couldn’t open the bottle’s cork!

YW asked Niki, “Take out the … the thing.” He made short waving gestures.

“What thing?” Niki asked.

“The.. ” YW snapped his fingers, trying to think, looking at me for answers.



“Ya ya! Faster!” YW exclaimed excitedly.

“I don’t have that,” Niki told him, deadpan.

“You gotttt! I used that before!” Niki’s friend told her.

“Where got? You used it here meh?” Niki asked her.

“Yaaaa, where?” She peered at the dishes area, pushing the forks, spoons & chopsticks around.

“Not here larrr, I don’t have it,” Niki said firmly.

So we thought of what we could use to open it. No open, no drink & they were all getting hyped about getting drunk with wine!

We used a metal fork but that fork bended. Someone had a brilliant idea of using metal chopstick instead. After 15 minutes, everyone had sweated and when it corked out, everyone cheered.

Niki's birthday - cork
Niki’s birthday – cork (or what’s left of it)

“Mmm.. taste sooo good, why ar?” YW asked.

“Coz we put in the chiller maa,” Niki answered.

“Oh? Got difference meh? YW swirled his wine widely.

“Yes, got. You compare when we drink outside & here,” Niki said.

“Mmm..” YW pouted.

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