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If you have RHB account, you’ll know what you’re going to read here.

The RHB website for personal use sucks – there’s always error.

RHB error

The first time I opened my account, the staff didn’t inform me that I needed to get for the card as well even though that was already the practice. When I updated my handphone number, I couldn’t do it online as that error would appear. There were times when I would email RHB of the error in hope that it’ll improve and solve programming error but I’ve given up after several times. I still don’t see any improvement after months.

It’s too bad my employer uses RHB. I have to be thankful though, RHB is very fast in processing in-coming money from its clients so that I get my salary on time each month.

Calling RHB is no use unless I have the patience of a saint. Nobody picks up the phone most of the time even though I called many times, at different times!

So I had to go a RHB branch to update my handphone number only to be told by a front counter staff that they couldn’t and didn’t do that. So how does RHB update me via handphone if I had changed number? I had to talk to the branch manager and she passed me a form to update my handphone. Later that day, she called back to say my number was updated. Who said it can’t be done?

Now I had never called MBB’s customer service but I didn’t have to. The website is easy to use and never pop-up programming error that something is missing. I could perform the transactions I needed easily. Maybe I’ll just transfer $ from RHB to other accounts..

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