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For a person who loves food and have a history of gastric when witholding from eating or being gluttony, I can’t NOT eat within 4hrs.

I imagine it must be really hard for Muslims to get up way earlier than usual and have to eat enough to last till evening, then work without lunch or brunch and tea, no drink whatsoever. It’s no wonder they become sleepy or tired.

The other day, I passed by a Muslim who was supposed to be fasting – it was still fasting hours – moving a jar of biscuit. She saw me and smile sheepishly like she was being caught and she felt she had done something wrong but she still had to eat. I shrugged and just walked past her.

I think fasting’s high and mighty good to feel the pain of starving, being poor and malnurished. It’s certainly not for those who are pregnant, children, senior citizens or not well.

A moment later, several people shrieked, “YOU ARE EAAAAAAAAATING?! YOU CANNOT EAT! NOW PUASA!”

They were non-Muslims, preaching that Islam states that all Muslims must fast during Ramadhan month and how sinful she had been by eating.

These people should try fasting before conscending others. Not everyone can stand fasting, especially when you are working whole day with your mouth like DJ, VJ, actors, singers, call agents, speakers, etc or those that are in physical labour.

So what if she ate? She didn’t harm anyone.

2 thoughts on “Puasa

  1. Isn’t it amazing how judgmental people can be and how we feel the need to tell everyone else what to do! Human nature this way is the same the world round. Glad you can recognize that there may be things about that woman that you don’t know and, therefore, can’t judge


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