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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 1


3 rooms in an apartment with kitchen during peak hours = RM300 per night.

It wasn’t the price but the company. Of the 6 people, I only knew 2 guys – Golden & Jim. The others were another guy, that guy’s girlfriend and another gal.



The next morning, 1st day of Raya.

Inside the car, there was a very young looking girl with huge brown eyes & round nose & small mouth at the passenger seat. In flower pinafore & white t-shirt!

I introduced myself to the young girl and we went to eat breakfast with Golden. Turned out 1 of them had really pulled out from this trip but originally was 7 people. So now it was 6 of us. The other couple would be fetched by Golden after our breakfast.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (1) Chee Cheong Fun
I had Chee Cheong Fun and it was small prawns inside. My rule is not to eat prawn except if it were Har Gao because I get pimples easily from prawns :S but this was a trip so I got to relax..

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (2) Dim Sum
More prawns inside.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (3) Dim Sum
Usually fried food are delicious. LOL.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (4) Dim Sum
See? Not even 8am!

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