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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 3

As the apartment was booked by Jim, Jim called the guy to get the key. He had no idea where the apartment was exactly!

The owner (or not) told him to follow his car and off we went to find our apartment. Jim and the Indian guy went up a Pink block.

Then they came back down and Jim laughed, “It wasn’t that apartment.”

It was another block. In BLUE. To match the sky.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (21)

“Indians, blue ah,” someone said. It didn’t look good from outside – the road was practically empty of people and almost of the shops were closed.

Our floor was.. no guessing since it was cheap, the top. The inside was wayyyy a lot better than the exterior.

Being the single person there, I checked out the bedrooms 1 by 1.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (22)
Whoaaaa.. the 1st main bedroom had extra mattress in the smooth cupboard!

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (23)
2nd bedroom, also fit for 2 in 1 bed.

3rd bedroom – I didn’t take the picture figuring I’d have time to do so when I sleep at night. It was a double decker! *Phew*

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (25)
Jim thought there wouldn’t be any cups and plates so he had told us to bring our own cultinaries. We needn’t worry actually.

At a restaurant, we ordered Chinese dishes and white rice.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (26) Lo Hon Ko
The Lo Hon Ko was bland.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (28) sambal vegetable

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (27) porkie
Pork (so so), tomato egg (delicious) and Cameron famous vegetable. Ceh.. thought it was what special vege.

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