Freego Kingdom Pancakes

In plastic – looks pretty

Freego (1)
But actually there are a lot of colouring used (not healthy)

Freego (2)
Ice stuck to it

Freego (3)
Ick. Cream!

Freego (4)
After a bite or 2

Freego (5)
Light green (ciku), turqoise (pineapple), beidge (durian), yellow (mango), another yellow (not sure) & orange (sour sop)

They look gorgeous but yuck to eat. If you like cream and dried-chilled fruits, then maybe you’ll like it. I only like a bit of mousse, not thick cream like this.

This pack is RM8.90, expensive if you ask me. I guess it takes a lot of work in dyeing the outer pancake layer & then cut the fruits.

I would not repeat purchase.

Freego something
Metro Prima, Kepong
1st floor (opposite Nelson’s booth)

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