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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 5

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (41)
Bright cactus.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (44)
Almost wanted to get one for my cubicle at work but forgot!

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (45)
Gorgeous stained glasses. No need flowers to make your home pretty.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (48)
I remember during my secondary school trip to Royal Selangor, the tour guide told us to study hard so that we don’t have to work as skilled worker. I thought painting pewters and clays were fun and artistic.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (51)
RM1/cup! Cheap! Though I didn’t see the size…

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (53)
Multicrops Tea Centre – more junk food, dried fruits & tea in packets.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (54) strawberries stick
To hit someone. The strawberry side for your lover. The round wood for your enemy. Or reverse if the person is into sado.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (55) honey & strawberries
Honey at RM38. This shop is expensive! I got my raw honey at RM10 only (price tag RM12) at side shop!

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (63)
What’s this called & is it high class broom? *pik che*

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