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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 6

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (57)
Rose Centre’s entrance was still RM5 and we walked from the shops to the Rose Centre through the back roads. We were the only ones walking that road but I had put (barely) my trust on Golden, who claimed he had walked this road before.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (58)
They said the turqoise flower wasn’t from dye..

Rose Centre was huge (sigh, high up) and those couples automatically walked together sometimes. I felt like a spotlight that I just walked by myself. Luckily I had camera to occupy myself!

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (60)
looks like chili

Unfortunately, my camera’s battery was beeping and getting red! Arrrrrrrhhhh!

Caught some of my favourite pictures from this trip though.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (59)
The wall had this leaves all over :)

At 3/4 of the hill, Golden was way up and we were tired. I asked them, “Want to go up still?”

King said, “Already paid RM5, MUST go up!”

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (62)

“Ha? You want to get more tired just because you paid ONLY RM5?”

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (61)

King breathed hard, “Yessssssss.. we paid.. to get.. We… go… up… find… … Golden.”

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