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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 7

That night, we went to pasar malam but my side (Jim, Young Gal and I) had to go back to the apartment to boil the soup to prepare for dinner. I hadn’t finished walking the pasar malam but the stalls were pretty much the same.

When we reached the apartment, Jim and YoungGal fished for the key.


The key was with the other group!

We played cards and ate my strawberries – Jim had this Sexy Ladies cards (he bought) full of well, sexy ladies like Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Hong Kong and Japan celebrities. I asked him, “Got male version?!”

“Ah… the male version is… gay one woh.”


For dinner, we had steamboat & BBQ in the apartment and flipped Astro. Not many suitable channels but lots of Indian and Arabian channels :p Finally settled on Oprah interviewing Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus.

Then I found Sumo Lah, the local movie starring loveable and easy going Adlin Shauki, Patrick Teoh as a stiff Japanese and funnyman Gurmit Singh actually looked handsome and had muscles whey! Did Mickey wear eyeliner like the post 9/11 Green Day and Gackt? It was a pretty funny and entertaining movie though some of the actors still have rooms for natural expressions improvement. Obviously Celcom had pumped $ into the production.

I like it when instead of cursing, Adlin’s character muttered, “Pokemon punya Dragonball” and compared himself as Beast to protect Beauty (Beauty & The Beast) from handsome PCK. LOL.

After eating, we took turns to bathe 1 by 1 – there was only 1 bathroom adjoining the toilet! It was getting cold and both Golden and I threw our sleeping bag onto the sofa. Ka ka. Both of us singles had decided to come prepared in case we had to zzz on floor. That’s the bad thing about travelling with other couples as a single person. You are at a lower priority. Shit.

Earlier I had asked YoungGal, “Eh.. Jim told me to sleep with Golden. He sleep with you.”

“He so bad do this to you.”

“Ya loh!”

“You sleep with me ah.”

“OK? Deal.”

YoungGal was having gastric so she took the 2nd bedroom and went to sleep while we watched tv/bathe.

Then, and then! Jim looked around and saw me slumping on the sofa watching Sumo Lah and NOT yet bathe, he put his bags into YoungGal’s room and closed the door quietly but firmly!

We all stared at the closed door!

The door was CLOSED!

I turned to Golden. “I’ll sleep in the 3rd bedroom uh.”

Golden looked grim. He didn’t want to sleep in the same bedroom as me. Hahaha!

Then the other couple’s guy offered reluctantly but kindly, “You sleep with my girlfriend lah.”

“You will hug me in the middle of the night mar??” I asked her. I shook my index finger. They were quite the lovey dovey couple :D Someone caught them kissing in the Rose Park earlier hahah!

So the 2 guys slept on the 3rd bedroom..

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