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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 8

The next morning, we had to wake up at 7am as Jim’s order the night before. Everyone woke up and prepared to go out for breakfast – Golden wanted to eat at the Lodge or something but the earliest couple to go to bed was the last to wake up! In fact, Jim came out of the room after I woke up and freshened up.

So the 4 of us went out 1st to give them privacy hehehehe..

Golden took us around the area in his car and we came back to our apartment! Apa lah :D

Then we went to Strawberry Park but it wasn’t opened yet.. Somehow the park looked old & unkept. At the Strawberry Park Resort, we checked out the buffet breakfast – about RM35 or 40+, I forgot the actual price but it wasn’t cheap! The place was dark with Old English style exterior and dark brown wood interior. Someone had gone missing while hiking many years back. That English guy. Still unsolved. Eee.. What’s the worst way to die – is it to die but not be found?

Golden remembered he had taken a tour from this place by van before but the tour was for several places in 4hrs but we only wanted to go to 1 place. We were leaving but walked back inside to ask the receptionist for the trip price list. Maybe she had misunderstood us, she gave us the Cameron Highlands photostated map. OK.. that wasn’t what we wanted but it was perhaps what we actually needed :)

We each took turns reading the map excitedly and decided where to go. Next we went back to town and had Indian breakfast. Somehow we didn’t eat at the Paddington.. The service was slow but the food was not bad. 1 of the few (we saw 2 only) waiters were friendly with quick smile.

I had Thosai Masala and teh tarik. I thought mine should have Masala Chicken?? But this was tasty. Little did I know about Thosai/Dosa then..

The 4 of us went to Boh Teh Plantation and we pondered to call Jim or not. I felt Jim wasn’t too pleased that we left them alone… like he thought we didn’t want to eat leftover dinner for breakfast & cleanup.

We took our own sweet time posing and taking pictures at the hills that we reached a few minutes earlier than the sleeping couple.

Wanted to yamcha there but the queue was long! Somehow Jim & YoungGal went missing so the 4 of us walked around the closed factory and exhibition area. Thought it wasn’t like this previously… now it’s really modern with smooth wooden floor and clear glasses with posters. I like the new area with chopped logs on the “wall”.

Jim called us suddenly and asked, “You all don’t want yamcha?”

“Too many people ah..”

“We already queued up lor!”

“OK, call us when got seat!” Wide grin.

The rule is not to drink those rose or cherry flavoured tea. They tastes like medicine to me!

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (65)
Our drinks & chocolate cake (yummy & soft, not too sweet)

The hills.. peaceful.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (66)
We parked there (right side of the pic) and walked up (left trail). Most of the houses had Astro antenna.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (67)
Bubbles! :D

I walked over to the girl blowing this and she was trying to shake the bottle and make the bubbles come out. No more already :(

Sigh.. I sat back down and then saw her refilling her toy! Yeah! I restarted my camera and took the pictures. So pretty and free… If fairies exist, maybe they travel in bubbles? :)

After this we separated again with the “new” couple and we detoured to a temple up a hill.

Golden said he felt peaceful in this temple but he didn’t burn joss stick!

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (68)

I wanted to take the picture inside with the deities huge statues and asked in my heart, Can I take the picture? But just before I clicked it, the battery died on me. I guessed the deities were saying to me, “You can’t take my picture here.” Nah, just no more battery. Technical issue.

I totally forgot I couldn’t enter temples! My paternal grandmother had passed away within 100 days ago. Oh well, I wasn’t that pantang anyway. Going to temple wasn’t harmful to anyone, so why shouldn’t I go in?

After that, we reached the apartment only to find out the key was with Jim and they were at the souvenir shops! I had experienced this TWICE!

Bored, we went downstairs – either to play at the playground but suddenly there were kids or yamcha. We opted for yamcha at the other block while waiting for the couple.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (69)
Kalamanzi – “something dried lime, not sour one” as promised.

On the way back to KL, I was so hungry I took out the strawberry packs.

Raya @ Cameron Highlands (70)
The strawberry that I bought from pasar malam had cotton growing! Shit! There goes my souvenir to Amois.

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