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TruDTox & Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Tea

Once in a while, I would get sick from food poisoning or maybe from eating too much junk food like biscuits, cakes & McDonald’s. Stress also kicks in especially when I have to eat and work during lunch time, trapped inside the office. Since eating fruits and drinking lots of water help but not fast as I wanted, I decided to cheat.

I asked friends who had tried detox – from inserting some plastic up the ass to drinking fruit juice only – they advised me to go for the gentle ones. Probably coz they already think that I’m a skinny bone, no need to detox. My main reason to detox wasn’t because I wanted to go a size smaller. I just wanted to be healthier and have always been interested in eating more fruits but I still find the idea eating fruits only impossible for myself. *shrug* If it also helps me to get rid of the fat at the belly, that’s a bonus and who am I to complain? :)

No disgusting pictures after More..

At that time, I was also more calculative than now. I searched for prices and sizes (packets) in pharmacies and malls. Bought the middle priced one. I figured – don’t go for the cheapest for they probably don’t work and don’t go for the most expensive for they are not worth the $.

Saw an ad in Carrefour and that was when I found out that Carrefour allows you to book/request products not available but printed in the catalogue & they’d call you when the products arrive. Read: Carrefour’s order. Was so happy that I had the good luck to discover that and waited for any call from unknown numbers in my handphone to tell me, “Your order has arrived. When can you come to collect (and pay) it?”

As days passed by, way after the duration Carrefour staff said it took to get the product, I asked the staff at the same counter but couldn’t remember if it was the same staff who write my order. Know what he said?

He asked, “Which flavour you want?”

I was floored. Why didn’t the staff ask me when I put my order? In the catalogue, it showed 1 flavour only – peppermint, I think. So Carrefour knew there was still missing info from me but nobody gave me a call to get that info.

Told the guy which flavour I wanted and he said will order, I had to wait (the same duration as informed earlier). Again. OK. Hurry up, I had skin to clear up.

That day came and I asked the staff again. Didn’t arrive.

Forget it then. I’d get it from other places, without the discount. Sometimes lower price is not worth it.

Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Tea ~ Ginger
Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Tea

The 1st time I drank this, I decided to maximize the usage. I refilled hot water twice, maybe thrice. Just so excited to detox in the late afternoon. Nothing happened on the same evening & night.

Bloody hell

Went to toilet the next 4am morning! Twice! Stomach grumbling not from hunger but pain. It was like thunderstorm inside! :S Abominable. A bombastic word I learned in tuition during secondary school days. That’s worse than horrible – the experience of diarorhea.

Grudgingly went back to sleep. Hoped to sleep the pain off. Finally managed to zzz to give nature another call at 10sth am and another in the afternoon. Whole day stomach felt uneasy. Shit comes out super soft, dark to light brown.

Hooo.. boy. NEVER ever refill detox. At least NOT on your first try. If you refill it, make sure you share the drink with your friends/loved ones for you want them to have healthier body or enemies for revenge and make sure they don’t mess with you again… and they get healthier. Haha. Go on, laugh and feel better.

Thank God I drank on a Sat and didn’t have to work on Sat & Sun. Whole body felt weak. Could only become a couch potato.

The next week, I knew already when I should drink it. I estimated it took about 8-12 hrs to get stomache. This time, I did not refill. Learnt my lesson well. Still, as I threw away the pouch, I wished I had friends to share my detox drink.

Stomache twice.

Maybe I had a lot of toxic inside my body. Maybe I had food poisoning from the tea!

Dared not drink it every week. In fact, maybe I still have 1 or 2 pouch left. Who wants? RM2 per pouch, delivery charges you pay.

After a few months, I decided to give detox drink another try. This time, 1 of the hardcore health-exercise friend recommended TruDTox. “It wouldn’t make stomache.”

Sure? I was skeptical.

TruDTox Special Limited Edition Promo!
TruDTox Special Limited Edition Promo!

Back in Oct, TruDtox had that promotion and I grabbed a bag. Best selling and more expensive than Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Tea. Works GENTLY. Huh.

Yep, it did work more gently. 1 pouch of tea, 1 toilet trip.

Still got stomache but not the rumbling thunderstorm. Maybe my body had less toxic then.

Been so focusing on the experience that I missed out writting about the results. Mmm.. I guess… I did feel lighter but I don’t have the weighing machine. Pants seemed a littttttttle bit looser but I probably didn’t loose more than 1cm around the waist in drinking week. Bear in mind though, I was only drinking once a week. Some people drink it everyday. God bless their as butt & stomach.

Has anyone tried Detox Foot Bath? Are they really effective at removing toxins? wikiHow thinks not.

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