Who do you see in the mirror?

Car moaned, “Someone said I got fat already.”

I exclaimed in disbelief, “What?! Who said that?!”

For one, men shouldn’t say women are fat when the women are thin!
Two, Car is super thin. She wears XS size and usually can find clothes to wear in skinny tees and could probably fit into Size 10 of children’s clothes if she dared to wear them. She’s in her mid 20’s.

“iPay lor.”

“No lah (she’s not fat at all)! Maybe you wear loose clothes that day.”

“No la..”

“Did he say the word ‘fat’ or he said you were bigger than the previous time he saw you?”

See, fat & bigger are 2 different things.

“You got problem already.” I meant she has image problem. Obviously, she’s in need to serious shake to see she’s underweight and way too thin.

“Ya, I got problem already.” She misunderstood me and agreed with me that she has weight-fat problem now. Agh!

Stupid Mirror
Humour Videos online – Stupid Mirror
(it’s not a video though & the blog is no longer updated but the picture applies here)

Maybe she’s just lamenting. You know how some women like to complain they are fat when they know very well they are not, then they get consolation that they are beautiful and not fat?

Everyone – or maybe not you – have their own perspective when they stare into the mirror.

I suppose I should be grateful if I see this:
Inmagine - reflection in a mirror of a man looking at a woman in a bath (itf006046)
Inmagine – reflection in a mirror of a man looking at a woman in a bath (itf006046)


Actually, I see clear skin (yes!) and pink cheek’s back with just 2 tiny pimples at the chin area this morning. Clearing up, yes yes yes! I suspect it’s from the strict diet of bread and vegetables. Wasn’t my choice. I had cold chu mou tan. Again.

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