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Chat with M2u

Notice the yellow animal at the bottom right? Freaky or cute?

Thinking of chatting with that “buddy” would be faster than searching or calling to the customer service for Movies, I decided to add this fella into my WL (Windows Live, the new MSN).

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CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun

Father found this restaurant from the ads delivered to home and he scouted several places in the ads, finally settling on this place.

This is the 1st year Mom decided and really did it – she wasn’t going to cook. Previously, she had complained but she cooked. Could be also this year, Grandmother, father’s mother, the last generation is not around anymore physically heh heh! :D

As always during CNY, we had Yu Sang for the 1st dish without fail. So I’m not even going to post the pic up. Frankly, I only like the ji ma biscuit & salmon. The rest of the vege were twisted and dyed.

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (1)
Sharks fin soup which was delicious but think of the sharks which died just for the fins! It’s so cruel but father had already ordered it and it would be wasted if we didn’t finish it. If I were the one paying, I would never order sharks fin soup.

There’s even fake sharks fin made from other parts of fish. I wonder if there’s plastic sharks fin mixture.

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Seating arrangements

In 1 of the recent trip with friends, I found out that 1 of them, A, was dating stealthily indeed. Dating 1 of our mutual friend’s (B) colleague, C.

That friend’s colleague had wistfully, regretfully said to me on the way to the destination trip, “I’m closer with B actually.”

The moment A changed his Facebook relationship, we congratulated him and some berated him for delaying changing the status.

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