Seating arrangements

In 1 of the recent trip with friends, I found out that 1 of them, A, was dating stealthily indeed. Dating 1 of our mutual friend’s (B) colleague, C.

That friend’s colleague had wistfully, regretfully said to me on the way to the destination trip, “I’m closer with B actually.”

The moment A changed his Facebook relationship, we congratulated him and some berated him for delaying changing the status.

Then, within a week, his status changed to single! Or was it complicated?

Before CNY, A asked, “Eh, want to watch All’s Well Ends Well (家有囍事2009)?”

“Ah.. OK ah!” I remembered Leslie Cheung & Momo (Teresa Mo). The current 1 has Raymond Wong, Sandra Ng, Louis Khoo and Ronald Cheng.

Again, I didn’t really ask who is in before agreeing to the movie. On the day of the movie, I called A if he needed me to buy the movie tickets since I was at the mall. He replied, “Haven’t confirmed yet.”

In the evening, Nat asked, “A ask if want to watch CNY movie.”

“Oh, yes, I already told A I’d join lor! Come lah!”

It was either 9pm or 11pm show. Nat would have family dinner at 7pm but she needed to pray for God of Wealth (jip Choy San) around midnight, hence not able to come for the 11pm show. A, on the other hand, had late dinner till 8pm. Clash… Organizer A decided to go for 11pm show.

I asked him, “So who’s confirmed?”

“4 person. You, me, B & C.”



“Any problem?”

“Ah.. if you don’t have problem, of course I don’t have problem.” I hoped I sounded sincere.

Living uncertainly sure brings unexpected experiences heh heh. *slap forehead*

When A fetched me, B & C were already in the car. C was only chattering to B while B was non-chalant. If it were purely down to body language, C was very into B while B was lying low. No, he wasn’t even much responding to C. Thinking A must be dejected, I chatted with him on-off on the way to the cinema.

When we reached the cinema, B & C were lai lai han han walk while A & I were rushing to the cinema. We were late already! Luckily, the ad was long and the movie hadn’t started.

So who sat with who? I thought. Where should I sit?

C went in and sat at the 3rd. B went to buy popcorn & drink. A plunked his butt into the 1st or 2nd seat. Eh?

So I sat at the last, nearest to the wall :( I prefer middle & center seat, tqvm.

Since it was still in ad, I went to the toilet and when I came back, it had started aiyo!

The seating arrangement had changed! C now sat at my ex-seat.

B – A – empty – C

Hmm.. why did C move to the last? To avoid sitting next to A? Why didn’t B sit next to C? To avoid being so obvious or hurt A? Why didn’t they just sit like this?

B – C – A – me.

So I sat in the middle, eating the popcorn between C & I. Then I suddenly had a thought. Did B buy the popcorn for C only? Coz earlier I had said I didn’t want popcorn before the movie started. Aiks. I handed RM5 to B but he didn’t want to accept it.

It was a funny but not memorable movie. A few fresh ideas and some copycat scenes, like Louis Khoo emerging from the beach like James Bond whooooo. Great body and face. In orange colour! Tanning gone bad?

Sandra and Raymond were funny. Roland was more like supporting cast. There were a pretty sweet girl and another PotatoGal ahha. Twists throughout the movie.

After the movie, I decided to zzz instead of going to Nat’s place to welcome Choy San. They zoomed off.. I assumed to her home.

Must be painful to have your friend in love with the same girl.

When I was much younger, someone asked Sam and I this question, “If you fell for the same guy, what would you do? Fight for the guy or give to your friend?”

At that time, our friendship was way more important than any guy. We had both declared, “I’d back off from getting together with the guy.”

If I were feeling spiteful at Sam and someone asked me the same question, I’d probably say, “I’d still see the guy but if he is more interested in her, then it’s his choice. I’d not tell her off but all’s fair in love and war (or not).”

She’d say, “Must fight for it!”

So I imagined if I were in A’s shoes, it’s best not to long for someone that doesn’t feel the same way about you and hope you’ll be together. What for? The other person wouldn’t be happy, then you wouldn’t be happy. Ah, love..

Do you believe everyone has his/her own soulmate? I do. It’s a matter of finding that person at the right time and place haha.

One thought on “Seating arrangements

  1. munak says:

    interesting situation indeed. been reading all along but nvr commented but reading this post prompted me to comment.

    i was in a similar situation some time back, in this case i was in the position of B. A did no understand and it strained our friendship but its good to see them together now, at the expense of our friendship. And also partly because of the game C played.

    B should make his stand clear to either A or C before it goes out of hand and everybody ends up getting hurt.

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