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CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun

Father found this restaurant from the ads delivered to home and he scouted several places in the ads, finally settling on this place.

This is the 1st year Mom decided and really did it – she wasn’t going to cook. Previously, she had complained but she cooked. Could be also this year, Grandmother, father’s mother, the last generation is not around anymore physically heh heh! :D

As always during CNY, we had Yu Sang for the 1st dish without fail. So I’m not even going to post the pic up. Frankly, I only like the ji ma biscuit & salmon. The rest of the vege were twisted and dyed.

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (1)
Sharks fin soup which was delicious but think of the sharks which died just for the fins! It’s so cruel but father had already ordered it and it would be wasted if we didn’t finish it. If I were the one paying, I would never order sharks fin soup.

There’s even fake sharks fin made from other parts of fish. I wonder if there’s plastic sharks fin mixture.

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (3) pork in marmite & small "man tao"
Pork in marmite & small “man tao”. This is tasty but very “kang” if eaten alone without rice or mee. 1 of the better dishes we ate there.

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (2) "fut boot"
What the heck?! “Fut boot” – yam with mix of vege, mushroom, cashew nuts, chicken cubes surrounded by errrr crispy rice-thing – BURNT yam!

Some of us complained but father said no need quietly. But we still complained and 2nd Aunt shushed 1st Cousin. Why be quiet about it? We pay for the food – we should expect edible food!

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (5) salad prawn
Think it was last year that I had asked for Salad Prawn in 1 of the family dinners and now I regretted it. Every time we go for dinner, they would order Salad Prawn for me and if it tasted bad (there were leftovers), I’d be getting jibes, “Eh your favourite, you eat it!”

The food was as bland as the picture. More mayonnaise than you can eat and the only thing I had never eaten before was prawn on a stick. Beneath the prawns were cubes of apples. I ate the apples more than the prawn. Skip this unless you want to drown in mayonnaise.

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (7) Hong Kong "choy sum"
Hong Kong “choy sum”. Oily. Ick.

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (6) "tao fu"
“Tao fu” so so.

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (8) fried rice
Fried rice ok but nothing to shout about. The apples were from the Prawn Salad dish.

RM417 for 2 tables. We were shocked! We should’ve returned the “Fut butt”! It was totally not worth it! The food were either mediocre or suck. And that was the promotion price, mind you!

It was Chor Yatt (1st day of CNY). Not sure if the price is that high during non-CNY. It’s known that restaurants raise the price during CNY, especially on the 1st and 2nd day.

CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun (10)
Restoran Wei Sun
19, Ground Floor, Jalan 9/62A, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

Not halal.

Father even gave RM5 to the waiter as tip, who didn’t even glance back. *snort* Father sometimes give money to the wrong people but that’s his problem.

That restaurant was lucky we didn’t even feedback on the burnt food. If I were paying, either you deduct the price or prepare another dish.

Rating: 2/5

In another restaurant outside my home area, we had another bad experience. Brother nodded at 1 of 3 dishes on table and said, “I took this out.”

“What is it?” I peered closer.

“Baby cockroach.”

“Which 1?” I pointed at the dishes.

Brother nodded at 1 of the dishes. I nodded in acknowledgement. I would not eat from that dish.

I helped myself to the “Fut Boot”. Finally, I got to eat it this CNY.

Brother’s eyes bugged out, “You ARE going to eat THAT?!”

“What? Why?” *bewildered*

“That’s,” he pointed at the brown dot with his chopsticks, “where it came from!”

“HA? Not the chicken?” I was hopeful – please not the “Fut Boot”.

The “Fut Butt” had a baby cockroach!

This time, I was not able to keep quiet about bad food. I called the owner and told him, “There’s baby cockroach in that dish,” pointing at the tiny dark brown dot on table and then at the dish.

He echoed, “There’s baby cockroach? Hai meh?”


“Just deduct the price. We don’t want this dish anymore,” I told him firmly but softly.

He agreed. If he hadn’t agreed, I was thinking I’d report to the Health or Food Ministry. How disgusting & dirty is that?! Turned out the food that we had been eating when we tapao was from this place. Eee… but so far, the tapao food had no problem.

2 thoughts on “CNY Family @ Restoran Wei Sun

  1. u shld try this restaurant, Ying Jia Seafood and Dimsum Restaurant, but its abit far for u, its in Sri Petaling. The food is excellent. You can try google for it. We had CNY dinner there, rm385 for the package but tasty yummy food.


    1. I just asked friends where are the good food in Sri Petaling for friend’s birthday last weekend.. if you had replied earlier! :)


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