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Hair rebonding (2009)

After about 1 month of Hair treatment @ Mofa Beauty Salon, I decided to go for rebonding – the last I did Hair rebonding was 3 years ago. Thought of rebonding in Bangkok (heard it’s cheaper there) but then I wouldn’t have a few hours just to sit!

Again on a weekend morning, I called Mofa to ask about the RM95nett for SPA rebonding. The girl who answered the phone confirmed briskly that the RM95 promotion was still valid. I felt it was probably a different staff than the previous one.

I was still crossed between wanting sleek straight hair and romantic wavy hair. However after criticizing in front of the mirror and grimacing at the utterly dry hair, though softer after the last hair Revive Ionic hair treatment, I decided I didn’t want to keep on styling the hair everyday in the morning. The time could be better spent sleeping a few more minutes… Every night, I wished the day were longer (or I could stay awake longer) but every next morning, I wished I could sleep longer.

Again, like the previous time, if you go for the promotion published in the ad, the product that they use are the cheapest and the “strongest”, in the sense that they are harsher.

The hairstylist that did my hair previously was busy with another customer :|

The price listed for rebonding was RM95 nett. That’s the price for the basic product.

This time, another hair stylist, Steph (serious face, black rimmed glasses & red hair) recommended Shiseido product for rebonding at RM188. The difference RM188 – RM95 = RM93. OK. I brought more than RM200. If the hair were in a bad state, they would recommend milder products (more expensive).

Even after the hair treatment, my hair was still dry.. I guess all these years it had been dry, it’s not so quick that the structure can change to become soft & shiny.

If I wanted highlight or colouring, then it would be almost RM300. Oouch.

Mind you, it’s promotion price. I’m not sure how it’s promotion goes as the hairstylist said it changes promotion type every month.

She recommended colouring (whole head 1 colour) instead of highlight (strands only) as my hair looked unhealthy. She also recommended Schwarzkopf hair treatment after that.

I was already using Schwarzkopf treatment at home as conditioner.

Tip 1: Cover the hair with the treatment under a shower cap in the shower for 20min.

Tip 2: Do not use warm water as it will remove the treatment done. Use cold water.

It does make a difference in using cold water. I haven’t tried Tip 1 – haven’t bought my own shower cap.

I guess another way to have less frizzy hair is to stop wetting my hair while working in air-cond office!!! I just can’t help it but water will evaporate and cause friction – read it somewhere..

The rebonding process took about 3-4 hrs including treatment. There were 3 (or 4) times of washing. After rebonding, hair was straight and glossy though not super shiny. It felt soft to touch. Ahh *bliss*

As I had trimmmed and shortened my hair during my treatment day, the hair looked few after rebonding. After 2 days of not washing hair (in order not to remove the treatment done), it was a relief to apply shampoo and conditioner on hair.

Tip 3: The hairstylist suggested that I switch to the other Schwarzkopf product every alternate week because once your hair is familiar with the product, you can’t see the improvements as much as starting and your hair would’ve absorbed all the nutrients and therefore, need other nutrients.

Tip 4: Blow dry hair will the dryer facing down on hair to make the straight hair last longer.

When I purchased the Schwarzkopf in Times Square it was in Buy 1 Free 1 promotion. So I had 2 treatments – restore (red) & moisture (teal) and I had been using the red one as conditioner about 3/4 already. It is hard to shake the thick treatment out so I always leave it lying horizontally or upside down before I use it so that they’ll come out faster.

When I switched to the teal one after rebonding, I found the texture was smoother, softer, easier to apply and not so sticky. I prefer to use this than the red one!

Still, I find Schwarzkopf products are very mild, including the conditioners. It maybe good for hair colours but for conditioners, I feel there’s not much difference from Dove conditioner or the old L’Oreal light orange hair mask (not the Argan oil tub).

She also recommended the hair oil/serum by Osis in clear white pump-bottle, about RM50, which she claimed lasts for 1yr. I didn’t buy it from there. Wanted to check out haircare shops in Sg Wang & Times Square first – they are usually cheaper than salons.

I remember the 1st time I did rebonding and was highly recommended Paul Mithchell’s shine set, which I didn’t buy then. Doh.

It’s great with rebonded hair. I don’t have to apply treatment gook onto my hair early in the morning and the hair still falls into place :) Of course, I’ll hv to get serum or silicone as leave in treatment very soon. Where can I get good quality products & cheap price in Bangkok? :D

At Mofa, they always have promotion if you have chemical treatment (like rebonding, perm) – according to the staff and you’ll be given a free hair treatment. You can upgrade about RM20 for a better product/brand, which I did because even I knew my hair was dry grass bad. Plus, I had brought extra cash. So I figured I could afford it.

I was interested in getting highlights as well but she recommended whole head dye instead as my hair wasn’t black black shine (not healthy hmph). March’s promotion was on hair dye and it was RM108 (normal price RM200+). Upgrade RM20 and you’ll get Schwarzkopf hair dye, which she claimed was milder and better to lock the colour. Add another RM20 and you’ll get a better hair treatment. I figured it’s only once a year I go for hair treatment so I might as well go for the best (that I could afford and willing to fork out).

She showed me the hair colour samples (strands of hair) from Schwarzkopf and I saw a dark brown colour which I liked but that was for another day as I was rushing to another place and also not enough money haha. She also recommended Joice hair treatment then/next time but didn’t push for it.

Steph’s gave more advices but she’s a bit rougher. Or does every rebonding will involve almost pulling the hair once in awhile?

Again, the hair dye promotional price is valid for before 5pm on weekdays & before 12pm on weekends.

4 thoughts on “Hair rebonding (2009)

  1. reading from ur side of story, u really do sound like me when it comes to hair product n treatment. i just had my hair rebonding treatment and it cost me rm200. r u on msn or something?


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